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Dr. Beaudette Mr - Devine, Ms. Keating, Mr. Keegan 

Hdrmmstration Secretaries 

Ms. Holland, Ms. Hannigan, Ms. Leary, Ms. Gratto 

Guidance Htbletic Director 

Mr. Looby. Ms. Greene, Ms. Arnold, Mr. Paine 

Ms. St. Peter, Ms. Kelliher 


Social Studies 

Ms. Browne, Mr. Sullivan. Ms. Gilmore, 
Mr. Belmore, Ms. Whiting, Ms. Criss, Ms. Atkinson 


Mr. Willis, Mr. Lacy, Mr. DiTomaso, Ms. Fox, 
Ms. Keating, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Goniatis 

Support Services 

Mr. Browne, Mr. Kitchen, Mr. Nycz, 
Is. Lozan, Mr. Bradshaw, Ms. Provenzano, Mr. Ward 

{jdorld Canguages 

Ms. Boyer, Ms. Schad, Ms. Rheault, Ms. Field, 
Ms. Scott, Ms. Lutchman, Ms. Ingeme 


Mr. Whelton, Ms. Midfal, Ms. Ward, Ms.Dolye, 
Mr. Hanky, 
Ms. Gilabert, Ms. Adams 

Mr. Marani, Ms. Connor, Mr Swartz, Mr. Zini, 
Ms. Cortright, Ms. Plassman, Mr. Souther 


Ms. Mclnnis 

Physical Gducation 

Mr. Lantier 


Mr. O'Briant, Ms. Cortright 


Mr. Kowalski, Mr. Herman 

Cibrary Media Specialist 

Ms. Noiseux, Mr. Papadonis 

Mr. Schelvan 

Custodial Services 

Mr. Frasier, Mr. Nault, Mr. Jones, Mr. Ash Mr. Shea 

food Services 

Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Bannister-Dwyer, Ms. Cocce, 
Ms. Schaffer, Ms. Maree, Ms. DeCouto, 
Ms. Cleary, Mr. Loring 

cultwsttiTw & Garden, £?icf f/vosc w/io 

TOOUlcf few 7Wt/ti7l^ to db Wtt/l t/l077lS 77UiSt 

7wver attempt to g^/ierflowerj': 
~ &ztt/^V?i&njcw7i 

Advisory Candids 


Tolu Adebanjo Daniel Allen Elizabeth Allen Ashley Allington James Arnold 

Laura Barrett Patrick Barrett Kiernan Beal Patrick Birmingham Martha Bogaty 

Kevin Bougoulas Breanne Brown Lauren Burke Christina Burns Gregory Butler 

Abigail Callahan Kathleen Callahan Brittany Cannon Megan Carmody Robert Carney 



Class of 2012 

Benjamin Casey Diana Chen 

Caitlin Collins Nicholas Comerford 

Sean D'Ambrosia Guiliana D'Esopo 

Nicole Dempsey Alander Detwiler 

Julianne Chessia Matthew Cibotti 

Alexandria Conti Christina Cronin 

Allison DeBenedictis Joshua Delaplain- 


Brian Devilly James DiGregorio 

Paxton Colby 

i \ m 


McKenzie Cunniff 

Tessa Demarco 

Thomas Driscoll 



Brett Duche Meaghan Dwyer David Dyko Graham Ferguson Colleen Fitzgibbons 

Gretchen Gallagher Cormac Garvey Brianna Gentry Benjamin Gordon Aubrie Guertin 

Class of 2012 



Class of 2012 



Class of 2012 

"4n £/ie lory run, we s/iape our In^es, grief we 
s/b£pe ourselves. 77ve /process newer ends until 
we dre. •ffncf ?/ve c/iozces we make are 
ulttmstelQ our own res&onstlklttiQ: 
^Se&nor ( Rjooseve/£ 



Michaela Bucca 

Rachel Anderson 

Aria Benzaquin 

Brendan Byrnes 

Olivia Borque 

Zachary Cadman 

Kimberly Baranowski Caroline Barry 

Brett Bernard Michael Bevilacqua 

Evan Briggs Ryan Brown 

Evan Cannata Nicholas Cannone 



Class of 2011 


Class of 201 1 


Class of 201 1 


Class of 201 1 

"lOc all our own fefe to pursue, our 
own /^ncf^alream to fie weavt7ig. -ffncf 
Toe all /lave t/uz power to ma^e wrs/ves 
come true, as lory as we /ueep fielzevz'n^- 
-Jjjuzsa A4oq -fflcott 





Michael Casey 

Laura Dareon 

Sarah Casey 


Patrick Collins 

Cory Conley 

Christopher Cubellis 

\ '/ £ A \ 

Marina Cubellis Bradford Cunio Amanda Curley Derek Cyr 

Lily Cyr 

Chloe Davies 

Emily Davies 

Ryan Deary Anthony DeBenedictis 

William Delorey Christopher DeLugan Haley DeMarco Anthony DeMatteo Katie Dempsey 


Class of 2010 



of 2010 



Class of 2010 


Class of 2010 

r -Lzw& ajif&ou were to c£e tomrriorrow 
-Loam AstfQou were to Iwefdrever " 


Junior Candids 


Dear Connell, 

From the cradle to the cleats you 
have been the best! You are a 
warm and loving son, with a 
dynamic personality Connell, we 
know you will succeed in 
everything you do We can see it 
clearly the energy, drive and 
determination that you approach 
everything be it sports, school, or 
work Connell, you are the best! 
Go forward and conquer! 

Mom and Dad 


Although we must let you go 
on your own down the path 
that you choose, dream big, 
work to plan your pathways to 
those dreams, and look not far 
behind to see us beaming with 
pride. For that funny and, 
gentle Son of ours always 
congratulations with all our 

Mom and Dad 

Tay, we are so very proud of 
you and all you have 
accomplished. Reach for the 
stars. ..the best years are 
Lots of Love, 

Mom, Dad, Matt, Andrew, 
Grandma and Grandpa 

Oye hijo mio la instruccion 
de tu padre y no 
desprecies la direction de 
tu madre, por el camino de 
la sabiduria te he 
encaminado y por vereda 
derechas te hecho andar. 
Que el dias todo poderoso 
te proteja donde queria 
que vayas. 
Con mucho amor 
Recibe benediciones de tu, 
Papa y Mama 


We're so proud of the wonderful 
young lady you've grown to be. 
We'll always be there for you 
during your journey into 
adulthood Never stop reaching 
for the stars and always follow 
your dreams Be true to yourself, 
enjoy every moment of the 
journey. We know you'll get to 
where you want to be! 
We love you Punkin, 
Mom, Dad, James, & Tash 

The meaning of your name, 
Nathaniel is "a gift from god," 
which you truly are. You have 
brought us so much joy and 
happiness. We love you very 
much and wish you all the best 
in the future. 
Love Always, 
Mom & Dad 

"There is no greater gift than to 
discover you admire your own 


It seems like yesterday that we 
picked up our "special delivery" 
in Texas. We are so proud of 
the fine young man you've 
become. Keep that winning 
personality and follow your 

Mom, Dad & Goldie 


From the day you were born, 
you were so strong, so joyful,; 
always our "Busy Lizzie," 
always caring, always 
compassionate. We believe in 
you; never stop believing in 

Mom, Dad, Erin & Dottie 


With your natural curiosity, 
sense of humor and 
enjoyment of life, you can be 
anything you want to be! 
Experience everything! We are 
proud of the person that you 
are and love you, always! 
Mom, Dad, and Catie 



I am so proud of you. 

Believe in yourself, always, 

for you have it all to work 




Dear Jen, 

You have grown into a woman 
any parent would be proud of. We 
love your great smile, good heart, 
and caring spirit. There is no doubt 
you will accomplish much. Go to 
places we never dreamed of, have 
a life full of laughter and continue 
to gather friends wherever you go. 
Life has just begun. Enjoy. 

Mom, Dad, and Christopher 


The rewards for all of your 
effort, good judgement and 
positive attitude are now at 
hand. May they serve you well 
in college and beyond. You 
have made us proud and 
always kept us laughing. In 
short, we like the way you roll. 

Mom & Dad 

David: Congratulations! 
Always remember that good 
choices make dreams 
become reality with hard work 
and perseverance. Keep your 
sail to the wind and your 
dreams in focus. 
All our Love, 

Mom, Dad, Sis, Scott, Mary, 


You make us so proud! May 
all your dreams come true. 

Mom + Dad 

I know you know how proud we 
are of you!!! You are a wonderful 
person with a big heart and many 
talents. Treasure your friends and 

Know we will always be there for 
you. Don't ever forget what it is that I 
you want to achieve in your life 
and go for it. We are proud of the j 
young woman, daughter and 
sister that you have become. 
We love you 
Mom, Dad and Patrick 


...from matchbox cars to 
college in the blink of an eye! 
Always remember life is more 
about the journey than the 
destination, and we hope your 
journey is filled with 
happiness, laughter, love and 

Mom, Dad, Ryan, Brendan 
and Nolan 


We have proudly watched you 
reach towards your goals 
since you made them clear at 
age 5! As you achieve those 
goals, try to measure success, 
not by money, but by the love 
you give and receive in your 

Mom, Dad, Patrick, Brendan, 
and Nolan 

Dear Nick, 

From professional scuba diver 
to class president. Who knows 
what's next. We have always 
believed in you, but the good 
things you've accomplished 
happened because you've 
| believed in yourself. Always be 
your own man. You are the 
Love ya, 

Mom, Dad, Bryan and James 

Dear Bryan, 

When you were in the third 
grade soccer people would 
ask, "who is that little fast guy'" 
Now you're a senior varsity 
player and they are still saying 
the same thing. We've always 
admired your commitment to 
things you love. You are the 
Love ya, 

Mom, Dad, Nick, and James 

Dear Jimmy, 

Congratulations, we're proud 
of the person you are and 
have enjoyed the past 18 years 
so much it's hard to express in 
words. The curious boy asking 
questions has grown to a solid 
young man with unlimited 

Mom & Dad 

Dear Christina, 
As you have grown we 
watched as you set goals for 
yourself then proceeded to 
achieve them. We are very 
proud of the person you are 
and all you have 
accomplished. You've 
balanced it all and prepared 
| yourself well. 

Mom & Dad 


We are so proud of you. 
You're thoughtfulness, 
intelligence, and sense of 
humor will carry you far. We 
wish you luck and happiness 
always. Congratulations! 

Mom, Dad,and Meghan 


It has been a joy to watch you 
grow up to be the smart, 
funny, and beautiful person 
that you are. We wish you luck 
and happiness always. 

Mom, Dad, and Garrett 


II hardly seems real to be thinking 
of you graduating from high 
school. You have always marched 
to your own drummer and we 
hope you always do. The best is 
yet to be for you - the world is 
waiting aim high, work hard 
and remain true to yourself. 

Mom, Dad, Julianne and Cobie 

Congratulations Joe! 

"Always in motion is the 

future." - Yoda 

Your hard work has taken 

you far. We are very proud 

of you. 

Lots of Love, 

Mom, Dad, Erica & Megan 


You have been my light for 
17 years. You will 
accomplish so much in 
your life and I am so glad I 
am your mom. We all love 
you with all of our hearts 
and are so proud of the 
person you will have and 
will become. 

Mom, Kevin, Tyler, and 

My Dear Olivia, 
From the time you were born 
you have inspired me with 
your quiet strength, 
determined spirit, caring heart 
and strong mind. Take 
chances, listen to your intuition 
and be yourself. You are a 
beautiful & amazing young 
women. Our entire family is 
blessed & so proud of you! 
Don't forget ~ I love you, 


We are so proud of you! You 
have become an exceptional 
young woman who has 
worked so hard to get where 
you are today. Remember 
how much you are loved, be 
be proud of yourself, have fun 
on the way and may all your 
dreams come true. 

Dad and Paul 

Dear Andrew, 
Congratulations! You have 
made your family very 
proud. Enjoy this exciting 
I time of your life. You're an 
i incredible young man with 
\ so much to offer others. 

Mom, Dad, Jacqui & 


You are an amazing person 
and wonderful daughter. Your 
loyalty, creativity, and 
compassion are an 
inspiration. Continue to stay 
true to yourself. We are so 
proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Matt, and Jeff 


Last but not least! We wish 
you much happiness and 
success in the next chapter of 
your life. Just remember to 
study first then snowboard. 

Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Lyndsey 


The first time your brother 
Patrick saw you, he called you 
sweetie. You are the sweetest 
daughter ever! It has been our 
greatest pleasure to have you 
as our daughter. 

Mom and Dad 

^ Lizzy remember to: 
DANCE-As though no one is watching 

LOVE-As though you have never been 
hurt before 

SING-As though no one can hear you 
LIVE-As though heaven is on earth 

You have danced, loved, sung and lived 
into your own spirit you stood up at 9 
months and ran!! Don't ever stop 
dancing, living, singing and loving to 
your hearts content!!! Do not ever take 
NO for an answer!! You Go Girl 

Mom, Dad, Charlie, Buster and Wally 

Dear Elizabeth, 

Congratulations! We are all proud 
of you and all of your 
accomplishments. You are a 
wonderful person and we all wish 
you a future filled with love, great 
friends and lots of laughs. The 
adventures are there for the 
taking-Go for it! Always work 
hard. We love you very, very much! 
Your the best! 

Mom, Dad, Mike, Bob, Joe and 


We are so proud of you 
and you mean the world to 
us. We love you very much! 

Mom, Dad, Zach, Matt and 

"We cannot hold a torch to 
light another's path without 
brightening our own." Ben 

Good Luck as you follow your 

own path. 

We are so proud 


Mom and Dad 

Dear Brianna, 
In a blink of an eye our 
beautiful little girl has become 
an amazing young woman. 
Continue to be the best that 
you are, follow your heart, 
dreams and what might 
inspire you in the future. You 
are an amazing woman now- 
take the world. 
Love ya 

Mom, Dad, Joseph & 


"The world stands aside to let 
anyone pass who knows where 
he is going." - David Starr Jordan 

We are so proud of the young man 
that you have become. You are 
kind, generous, modest, 
protective, conscientious, strong, 
and hilarious. Congratulations and 
good luck 

Love Dad, Mom and Rob 


Look how cute you were! More 
importantly, look how 
wonderful you are now. As we 
get ready to unleash you, lets 
hope the world is ready! 
With love & pride, 
Mom & Dad 


Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you. Keep working 
hard, enjoy life and follow your 
dreams. We wish you 
happiness and continued 

Mom and Dad 


As you approach the end of 
this very special chapter in 
your life, know that your 
dedication and convictions 
have prepared you well for the 
next chapter. We could not be 
more proud of the gentleman 
that you've become. 
All our love, 
Mom & Dad 


Your love of people and lust 
for life are the gifts you 
have shared with us since 
you were a child. It is time 
for you to go out and share 
your gift with others. Use 
them as you journey 
through life. Know that you 
have always made us 
All our love, 
Mom & Dad 

Dear Ned, 

You have been a pride to our 
family since the day you were 
born. May you have longevity 
in life, wealth for the freedom 
to enjoy it, and most 
importantly happiness and 
love - without the latter the rest 
doesn't mean much. 

Gregory, Michael, Adam, 
Jason, and Mom and Dad 

Jason - 

We can't believe 18 years have 
already come and gone. 
Congratulations of what you 
have accomplished so far! 
Remain true to yourself. We 
are very proud of you and 
know you will have many 

Mom and Dad 


From your very first days you 
sparkled! You have been 
given many gifts. Go use them 
wisely, infuse them with your 
s passion, and light up the 
J world! 
With all our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Peter 


Our beautiful baby boy! 

Always happy, kind, and 

gentle in every situation. My 

sweetie pie - remember, 

"You and me against the 


We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Brad, Tata, and 

Dear Owen, 
You have always been 
special. You were a happy, 
lovable, caring child. Now 
you are a compassionate, 
thoughtful and generous 
young man. We are so very 
proud of you. Wherever your 
life leads, we know you will 
make it wonderful! 
We love you, 
Mom and Dad 


This chapter is about to end as another 
begins You have so much to look 
forward to with each possing year 
Your path to success will be clearer in 
the days that lie ahead Please 
remember your family will always be 
there As will family dinners, vacations, 
ping pong, music and above all "family 
discussions" As one great man said, 
"Who's Looking Out for You 7 " We will, 
your family 

Mom, Dad. Ben & Jake 

Dear Caroline, 
You have brought so much 
pleasure into our family's life 
with your uniqueness, artistic 
ability, imagination, honesty, 
determination and 
independence. Find your 
passion wherever you go and 
whatever you do. When you 
smile, your eyes smile too. 
We love you and don't you 
forget it. 

Mom, Dad, Marykate and John 


Congratulations! We love you 
are are very proud of you. You 
bring our family so much joy. 
May your bright furture be 
blessed with hapiness and 
fulfillment and may you always 
have fair winds and following 
seas on your voyage! 

Mom, Dad, Tommy, Brigid and 

Dearest Nina, 
Najpiekniejsze 17-scie lat 
minelo nam zbyt szybko. 
We know you will be 
successful wherever you 
go. You are wonderful and 
you will do great! 
We already miss you 
Aneta i Jurek 



From the moment you were 

born, you had a smile on your 

face! Keep Smiling! You're the 

best! I am so proud of you! 


I love you 




"Dare to live the life you have 
dreamed for yourself. Go 
forward and make your 
dreams come true." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 
You are a gift to our family and 
we are so proud proud of who 
you have become. Always 
remember we love you. 

Mom, Dad & Joshua 

"Don't cry because it's over. 
Smile because it happened." 

- Dr. Seuss 
Dear Katherine, 
Your focus and determination 
make us proud. Your kind and 
caring ways amaze us. We 
know that you will be 
successful We know that you 
will always be happy. 
We love you, 
Dad, Mom and Lizzie 


With a smile that lights up the 
room and a soul that touches 
our hearts we are so proud of 
all that you are. We love you 
and will always be there for 

"Wherever you go, go with all 
your heart." - Confucius 

Mom, Dad and Jenna 


We love you and are so proud 
of you! We know all good 
things are ahead for you! 

Mom, Dad, Colleen, 
Maeve & Bailey 

Dear Amanda, 
Since the day you were born, 
you have brought joy into our 
lives. We are all so proud of 
everything you have done and 
the wonderful young woman 
you have become. Be true to 
yourself, laugh often and love 

We love you! 
Mom and Ross. 
Daddy and Debbie. 


Watching you grow into a 
beautiful young person has 
been an amazing journey. 
We are so proud of you, 
and we know that whatever 
you set out to do, you will 
We love you always, 
Mom, Jerry, Paige, Sunny, 
Daisy and Rex 

Each moment of the year has 
its own beauty, a picture which 
was never seen before and 
which will never be seen 

Enjoy each of your talents and 
imagination take you beyond 
your expectations. 

Mom + Dad 


You are such a big part of 
what makes our family so fun, 
loving & enjoyable. As you 
head off to school, know that 
you will be greatly missed. We 
are so very proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Chappie & Saylor 


We knew you were special from 
the day you were born. We are so 
very proud of you. You have 
' grown to be intelligent, thoughtful, 
generous, fun loving, 
hardworking, and very 
independent. Your free spirit and 
feisty determination will separate 
you from the pack and make you 
successful in whatever you do in 
life. Remember your family loves 

Mom, Dad, and Elizabeth 

Paul Tribuna, 

P.J. our miracle, since the day you 
were born you have lit up our lives. 
We are so proud of all that you 
have accomplished. Keep working 
hard and dreaming big. We know 
you will go far. College will be the 
next chapter and us "Guys" will still 
be here to cheer you on. Keep 
making us proud. 

Mom, Dad, Bry, and Drew. 


You make us and others smile. 
It's been quite a trip, which 
only a few can truly 
appreciate. Now it's time to go 
where you must go. Proud of 
you? You bet! We know you're 
ready for what lies ahead. It's 
your time, your world. Make it 
a better place. Thanks for the 
wonderful ride. We look 
forward to what comes next! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


You have come so far and we 
are so proud of all your 
accomplishments. You have 
the whole world in front of you, 


Mom, Dad, Will, and Cassie 

To our Beautiful Baby Buddha, 
you are our gift from god and 
have given us more joy and 
happiness than we could even 
possibly imagine. Through 
hard work and sacrifice, you 
have accomplished so much. 
We are so proud of you Erin! 

Mom, Dad, Darci & Kristi 

Dear Justine, 

You are the light in our lives. 
You have brought us infinate 
love, joy and laughter. Your 
thirst for truth, confidence in 
your abilities and endless love 
I for your family and friends will 
| be the guide to your dreams. 
We are so proud of you. 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad, and Caroline 


I'm so proud of your 
dedication and 
accomplsihments. You're 
an incredible role model. 
Continue to work 
passionately, take chances, 
find humor, and follow your 
heart! I love you! "Luck, 
Luck, Luck." -Mom 
We will miss you! 
Alii and Holly 


Your independence, caring 
strength, and wit continue to 
amaze us. You were born with 
a bubbly personality and smile 
on your face! We are so proud 
of the young woman you have 
become. Enjoy the journey as 
you follow your dreams. 
Love You . XOXO 
Mom, Dad, James, and 

Dear Tom, 

"Find your mountain and climb 


Mom and Dad 

I Stephanie, 

I We're so proud of you and all 
1 you've accomplished. You are 
a wonderful person, positive, 
talented and kind. May your 
life give you as much joy as 
you've given us. 
We love you, 
Mom + Dad 


Your boundless creativity, 
determination, and a big heart 
will always see you through! 
Love You Mom, Dad, and 

Congratulations Mikey! 
You are the best son we could 
have wished for! Be happy, 
have fun, and live the life you 
dream of! We'll always love 
you and be on your team! 

Mom, Dad, and Jenelle 


This picture says it all with that 
mischievous grin. You made it! 
Now its onto the next chapter 
in your life. Enjoy, but make it 
count. Were rooting for you! 
xoxo Mom, Kara and Kathryn 


He watches over 

everything we see. 

Into the water, 

into the truth, 

in your refelction 

He lives in you. 

Daddy would be so proud 

of his Tor Tor! 


Teddy, Mom, Joey, and 


Our precious baby girl may your 
future be filled with happiness, 
success, and health. Continue to 
accomplish great things in life. 
You're our tough child who 
showed us how dedication and 
hard work has paid off. Nothing 
has ever kept you down. So reach 
for the stars. We love you and are 
so proud of you 

Love Mom, Dad, Jenn, Raymond, 
and Pete 


We are so very proud of 
you. You are an amzing 
young man and you can 
achieve anything you want 


We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Melissa, and 


Dear Kelsey, 

We are so proud of you! As 
you iourney through life 
always rely on your 
tremendous spirit, sense of 
compassion and your ability to 
make great choices. Be true to 
yourself and your dreams will 
always come true. We love 
you Lucy! You mean 
everything to us!! 
Love always, 
Mom & Dad 


"You're a beautiful baby from the 
outside in... Chase your dreams, 
but always know the road that will 
lead you home again. Go on, take 
on this whole world, but to us you 
know you'll always be our little girl" 
- Tim AAcGraw 

We're proud of the young woman 
you've become and we wish you 
all of the success in the world. We 
love you very much. 
Mom, Dad, Kyle, and Luca 

Todd: Your disarming wit, 
generous heart, amazing drive 
and beautiful mind will insure 
that you will be one of the 
"Best and Brightest". Always 
remain your unique self and 
continue to make things 

We love you Todd! 

Mom, Dad, Ali, Cooper and 



We are proud of the young 
women that you have 
grown to be. Now it is time 
for you to begin the next 
passage in your life. We 
wish you success in 
whatever you pursue. 

Mom, Dad, Jonathan, Craig 

Dear Drew, 

You get out, what you put 
in! And you have certainly 
lived your life so far making 
the most of every 
opportunity academically + 
%fi personally by your own 
'" good choices. We are so 
very proud. 
•«= Love, 

Mom, Dad & Zach 


We're very proud of you. 

Congratulations! You're 

always in our thoughts and 


All our love, 

Dad, Mom, Siobhan, 



We are proud of your 
academic achievements, 
musical talent, 
intellectual curiosity and 
compassion for others. 
Continuing to explore 
your varied interests will 
ensure a bright future. 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad, Peter, 
Willow, Emma 


These past 17 years have 
gone by in a whirl wind. 
The world awaits you. How 
lucky are they! Your smiling 
face lights up everywhere 
you wander. Stay true to 
yourself. Your uniqueness 
is your virtue. 
We love you, 
Dad, Mom, Pat and 


We have made quite a few 
memories you and 1. 1 have 
loved every minute. Thanks 
for being such a wonderful 
daughter. You will succeed 
in whatever you choose to 
do and I will always be 
there to cheer you on. 


You may have grown into 
that great big heart of yours 
but you'll always be our 
little boy. We love you very 
much and we're very proud 
of you. 

Your loving Family 

Time to celebrate! 
Always follow your 
passions because 
happiness is everything, 
and life is full of surprises. 

Mom, Dad & Drew 

Adrienne - 

We are very proud of who you 
have become. Remember to 
smile often, laugh loudly and 
do good things. 

Mom, Dad, Brian + Clare XO 


Dear Cassie, 

Never stop smiling. It's one of your 
wonderful qualities. You're a 
happy-go-lucky, spirited individual 
with a big heart. We couldn't be 
any prouder of the young woman 
you've become. May you never 
lose your determination and 
perseverance to fulfill your 
dreams. Thank you for being you! 
We love you always. 
Mom, Dad, Craig and Kyle 


From the moment you were 
born, you have brought us 
so much joy. Your love of 
life and your "me do!" 
attitude will take you far. 
Follow your heart, live your 
dreams, never stop 
dancing, and always know 
that you are loved. 

Mom, Dad & Michael 


What can we say "It is a pleasure 
to be your parents". You are hard- 
working, honest, smart and 
compassionate. All great qualities. 
The best and only sister to K- bzee 
and T- rob Keeping them 
grounded and in their place A 
middle child that is loved so much. 
Keep on the path of life that you 
are going toward. Know that we 
love you always. 
Mom, Dad, Kyle and Tyler 


You are our sunshine since 
the day you were born. 
Continue to shine brightly 
and follow your heart and 
surely all your day will be 
filled with happines. 
We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Chris & Mosley 


You are a terrific son and 
brother. Always remember, 
be honest and true to 
yourself throughout life's 
adventures and know that 
your family is always there. 
We love you Christian, 
Mom, Dad, Michael and 


Over the years you have 
grown into a determined, 
compassionate young man. 
We are so very proud of you 
and all of your 
accomplishments. Only look 
forward, follow your heart, 
^ enjoy the adventure. 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad & Lily 


Time sure has flown by! 
Watching you grow up has 
been so much fun. May you 
always follow your dreams 
and keep a smile on your 
face. We are so very proud 
of you! 

Mom, Dad & Sean 


Where has the time gone: 
you have grown up so 
quickly. We are very proud 
of you and all you have 
done. Remember to keep 
walking forward with a 
smile on your face! 

Mom, Dad, Matty & Ginger 


Keep a song in your heart 
forever! Thanks for the 
"pink" adventure in our 
lives. It's been amazing 
being your paretns! Stay 
close, Molly, and congrats 
on a steller academic 

Mom, Dad, the boys, and 
I nephews and nieces 


Keep smiling that great smile 
and remember success is 
measured by the kind of 
person you are. Stay the same 
easy going, thoughtful person 
and you'll continue to be 
successful. The best is yet to 


! Mom, Dad, Kely, Michael and 


We are so proud of you. 
Your sense of caring and 
strength will bring you 
greatness. Never lose your 
sense of humor and 
adventure. Goodness 
attracts goodness. Enjoy life 
and laugh a lot! 

Mom, Dad, Mike and Katie 


"May the sun shine, all day 
long, Everything go right, 
and nothing go wrong. 
May those you love bring 
love back to you, and may 
all the wishes you wish 
come true!" ~ Irish Blessing 

Mom, Dad and David 


We have enjoyed watching you grow 
into the amazing young woman you've 
become. You've filled our hearts with 
love and joy since the first moment we 
I peered into those beautiful eyes of 
yours! May your kind, big heart and 
sensitive soul inspire you always, as 
you make your mark on this great big 
world. Believe in your drams and be 
sure to experience all life has to offer. 
Laugh often, love deeply and simply be 
happy 1 

We love you very much! 
Mom, Dad and Jessica 
P.S. Remember the SECRET! Be the one 
to sell flip flops to people who go 

Dear Matt, 


Enjoy your journey! May it 

be filled with health, joy and 

happiness. You're a 

wonderful, thoughtful 

extraordinary person. I'm 

so proud of the young man 

you've become. 

I love you honey, 



You have such a kind, beautiful 
spirit and have always been 
such a wonderful daughter 
and sister. What a joy and a 
treasure you are in our lives. 
We will all miss you so much, 
but we are so very proud of 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Shannon, Tim and 


We are so proud to have 

watched you grow and 

mature into such an 

amazing man. Your hard 

work and patience will lead 

you to happiness and 


We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Adam and 



"Reach for the moon - if you 
fall short you may land as a 
star" - Davis 
We love you so much - 
always remember how 
special you are. May your 
life be full and your heart 

Mom, Dad, Megan + Colin 


We're so proud of the 
wonderful young man 
you have become and 
look forward to all your 
successes in the future 
buddy boy! Ellas, Elinon, 
Xristianon! S'agapame 

Baba, Mum, Yiota, Kaiti 

Dear Nicholas - 
You are an amazing young 
man and we are so proud! 
Thank you for your love, 
laughter and patience! 
Follow your dreams and 
pursue you passions! Enjoy! I 

Mom, Dad, Sarah, Vanessa I 
and Louis 


We are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Bryan, Cara, 
Lauren and Molly 


Congratulations! You're on 
you way. Never settle and 
follow your dreams. We 
love and believe in you. We 
will miss you and your 
'sense of humor' next year. 
Love Mom, Dad, Brian, 
Kevin and Colleen 

Dear Alex, 

We have always loved you 
for the individual you are. 
We can't wait to see who 
you will become! 

Mom and Dad 


How fast each moment is! 
We are so proud of you and 
appreciate you. 
Congratulations - Well 

Enjoy you next venture. 
Love & Happiness, 
Dad, Mom, Cory & Drew 


Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you! Set your goals, 
work hard and never give up 
on your hopes + dreams. We 
know you will succeed in 
whatever you do. Smile, have 
fun and enjoy each day. 
Always remember what is in 
your heart and never stop 
We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Katie + Steph 


You have always had a 
heart to care about others 
and the world around you. 
You will do great things in 
your future. The world is 
lucky to have you. 

Mom, Dad, Rachel, + 

We are proud of you and 
the man you have become. 
Stay strong and remain the 
fine son, brother and friend 
you are. Know that we will 
forever be here for you as 
you find your way in life. 

Mom, Dad, Barry, + Julia 

Congrats Leah, 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom and Dad 


From the sandbox to the 
senior high you have made i 
life richer & memories 
sweeter. Thank you for 
being the wonderful person 
that you are! 

Mum & Dad 


You are a kind, honest and 
w ^ accomplished young man. 
B Keep that smile going 
because the best is yet to 
come. Be happy, enjoy life 
and follow your dreams. 
Always know how much 
you are loved. 

Mom, Dad and Kellie 


From your earliest days you 
have delighted us with your 
uncommon spark and lively 
sense of fun. Your capacity 
to love and desire to throw 
yourself into the creative 
world leaves us proud and 
filled with anticipation. 
We love you, 
Mom + Dad 

Bobby (AKA) Bud, 

You are a blessing to us & 

we're proud of who you're 

growing up to be. You're 

going to do great things in 

life! Aflack & Chicken Pot 



Mom, Dad, Heather & Holly 


Thanks for the joy you've given 
us these fleeting years! 
Treasure the memories, but 
look to the future. We are so 
proud of you; your kindness 
and integrity will serve you 
well, whatever path you 
We Love You, 

Mom, Dad, Dan, Laura, Mary 
land Puck) 

f \ Mi 


The day you were born was the 
happiest day of our loves and you 
have brought joy to us ever since. 
You have always been 
determined to succeed while 
remaining true to yourself. There is 
no doubt in our minds that you will 
meet whatever goals you set. Be 
happy and know that we are 
insanely proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, and Andrea 


Watching you grow up has 
been a great adventure. 
You have so many gifts, we 
can't wait to see what 
happens next. Thank you 
for being who you are. We 
love you so much. 

Mom, Dad, Devan, Lisa 

Dear Meghan, 
We are so proud of all you 
have accomplished. It has 
been wonderful watching 
you grow into such a 
beautiful and 

compassionate young lady. 
Great things are ahead for 

Mom + Dad 


the crown prince and the last 
in line at NHS. You've made us 
laugh, you've made us proud, 
and yes at times you've made 
us crazy! Your energy and 
enthusiasm will open many 
doors. Go get 'em Tim! 

Mom, Dad, Alexandra 
Marissa, Harry & Fanta 


You are an amazing creative 
person with so much going for 
you. Always appreciate the 
beauty in life, know that your 
family is always there for you 
and continue to wake up 
singing every day! 
We love you to the moon and 

Mom, Dad and Jodie 


May you build on your 
strength. Learn from your 
mistakes. Keep that 
irrepressible spark that 
lights up our lives. And 
always know how much we 
love you! 

Mom, Dad, and Chirs 


1 V 



i . 

Some things are meant to be 

You have touched my heart 

Brought joy to my life 

I burst with pride 

Love always, 



Dream Big 
Love Life 

Time will move on 
Friends may change 
but Family is forever. 
Always your biggest fans, 
Mo, Dad, and Nicole 


You have always stayed true to 
yourself. Continue to lead with 
honor, live with integrity, and 
find the joy in every day. We 
are so proud of you all and do! 
With all our love and 
admiration that will always 
follow you, 

Mom, Dad, Harry & Allie 


With your kind heart, loving 
spirit and amiable personality, 
you are like the sunshine on 
4 the beach. Keep your upbeat 
personality, your friendships 
and good health. 

Mom, Dad, Nicole and Brian 

Dear Britty-Boo- 
"To make a difference is not a 
matter of accident, a matter of 
casual occurrence, of the tides. 
People choose to make a 
difference" - Maya Angelou 
You have made a difference in 
the lives of each person you 
have touched. You are 
destined to do great things. We 
are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Courtney and 

"HJe sdl t&ke c0/m7i? p&t/ts m 6tfe, 
tfut no matter w/usre toe ^o, we take a 



v ♦ # ' # 


OCT 1996 
, \».» ii i — 

Thank you to all my teachers that put up 
with me and all my shananigans. Thanks to 
all my friends for always chillin, goin for 
cruises or just hangin out at the office. Also, 
thank you to my family, you guys have 
always been there for me to either point me 
in the right direction or give me a funny 
memory to look back on. I love you guys 
more than life itself. PEACE OUT NHS It's 
been Real! 

Thank you Mom, Dad and Sis you have 
raised me well. Thank you to all my teache 
especially Senora Ward and Ms. Plassmant 
Thaank you to all my friends, thanks for 
always being there. Good Luck Class of '0' 
Thank You 



Football 1-4; Hockey 1-4 

"A ship in port is safe, But that's not what 
ships are built for." - Grace Murray Hopper 

I would like to start off by thanking my 
parents, they have worked so hard to give 
me the things I have wanted, and they 
always push me to keep trying my hardest. 
Next I would like to thank my brother Jesse 
for giving me great advice and being a great 
older brother. I would like also to thank my 
sister Jenna for being a great role model for 
me. You are the best family anyone could 
ask for thank you and I love you all. 


Ainslie, Conman, Cainslie, C-man 

Snowboard Club 1-4; Soccer 1-4; Track 1-4; 
Hockey 1-4; Mock Trail 1, 3; 
National Honor Society 3-4 


Basketball 1-4; Spring Track & Field 2-4; 
Field Hockey 1, 4; Soccer 2; 
Invisible Children 4 



MogliJ-Boi fresh Jandersonjanderslax, 

Tennis 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Swimming 1; 
Ski Team 1; Snowboard Club 1-4; 
Surf Culture 1-4 

Our greatest glory is not in never falling 
ut in rising every time we fall." - 

c ailure to prepare is preparation for 
vlure." - Anonymous 

d like to thank my parents for always being 
here and for helping me. I want to thank 
ny friends, I don't know what I'd do without 
ou all. I'd also like to thank my brothers, 
Larrett and Brett, for everything including 
naking everything as tough as possible for 
ne. I want to thank all my coaches and 
eachers for helping me achieve my goals 
nd for helping me become a better person. 

"So don't be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble 
and fall, because most of the time the greatest 
rewards come from doing things that scare you 
the most, who knows where life will take you the 
road is long and in the end the journey is the 
destination." - Oth 

Mom and Dad- thank you for keeping me 
focused and in moderation, a girl couldn't ask 
for better parents, I love you so much! Matt and 
Andrew- thanks for giving me something to look 
up to. Michelle, Kyla, Carley, Emma, and BB- 
"We laugh 'till we cry we read each others 
minds, live with a smile, make it all worth while" 
you guys mean the world to me, I will never 
forget you! Thanks to all my boys you know who 
you are. Preston- thanks for always making me 
laugh. Cody- you'll always have a special place in 
my heart. Saniuk- your advice and wisdom has 
made me a better person. You're an amazing 
teacher but even a better friend. Congrats '09! 
Good Luck! 

"Once you realize what a joke everythingis. 
being the comedian is the only thing that makes 
sense."- The Comedian 
"Being number two sucks" - Andre Agassi 

I would first like to thank my entire family for 
keeping me afloat on this journey through my 
life. Mom you're great. Dad you're off the wall 
crazy but I still love you. All my bros are cool. I 
would also like to thank a Ms. Schad for being 
the best teacher ever and for letting me eat all 
her food. Thanks to tyler for doing my art 
homework. Thanks Ryan for letting me play vids 
at your house. Kaityou are the best thing I have 
and without you I probably would nevr be as 
happy as I am right now. Thanks to everyone in 
NHS for a great high school experience. 
Oh yeah tennis is cool too. 

FT 5 ? 



Cross Country 1; Equestrian Club 1-4; 
Yearbook 4; National Honor Society 3-4 

"Some day I hope you get the chance, to 
live like you were dyiri. Like tomorrow was 
a gift." - Tim McCraw 
"Keep a weather eye on the horizon." 
-Pirates of the Caribbean 

To my parents, thank you for supporting 
me with school and my riding. Mom, thanks 
for being there at all of my shows. Dad, 
you've taught me to love boats and being 
on the water. It all means the world to me. 
James, have fun and work hard because it'll 
go by fast. Adrie, Kels, and Nicole- we have 
had so many unforgettable weekends 
together in NH. Christina-, I'm gonna miss 
riding with you after school. Heidi, I love 
our dress shopping and walks on the beach. 
To my barn girls, you make the horse 
shows fun, keep on riding. To the whole 
Scheller compound, I'm glad you moved 
back. Lastly, thank you to all of my teachers 
and coaches, you've all taught me so much. 
Congratulations, Good Luck, and 
Thank You to the Class of 2009! 

I I 



Lexi, Lex 

Ski Team 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, 
you'll land among the stars." - Les Brown 
"Life is far too important to be taken 
seriously." - Oscar Wilde 

First of all, I want to say thanks to my Mom 
and the rest of my family for supporting me 
these past 18 years. I honestly couldn't have 
done it without you. Thank you to my 
teachers for molding me into the person I 
am today. Thank you to my friends for 
being there and making me laugh, yoga 
group, Latin table, and everyone else. 
Thank you to my boyfriend for all you do, 
you make my life so much happier. I love 
you all. Andrea, I know you will do well if 
you try your hardest. Good luck class of 

Nate, Scuba, Nate Bate 

Soccer 1-4; Indoor Track 1-4; Track 1-4; 
Basketball 1;JSA 2-4 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you dontstopan 
look around once in a while, you could mi 
it." - Ferris Bueller 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Oliver for all you'v< 
done for me the past 4 years. Thanks to al! 
my friends for the good times and great 
campouts. Thanks for everything and gooi 
luck in the future. 


Lizzie. Liz, LizzAY. lizzieB 

CSA/Diversity 1-4 (President); JSA 2-4; 
Student Government 2-4; PeerEd 3-4; 
National Honors Society 3-4; SADD 
(President) 3-4; Invisible Children Club 4 

Life's most persistent and urgent question is 
vhatareyou doing for others'" - Martin Luther 


Zongrats 09! Thanks Mom and Dad for 
;ncouraging me to be outspoken and for the 
:ndless opportunities you have given me. Erin 
hanks for being a great sister with so much love, 
idvice. and laughs. DiTo thanks for supporting 
ZSA and for showing me to fight for what's right. 
Z thanks for all the laughs, advice and your 
upport in both JSA and IC. Thanks to all my 
nends for the laughs and memories that I'll never 
orget. Bryan without you I would not have made 
t through these past 5 years. Thank you for all 
he love and the memories that you have given 
ne. I love you and that will never change. Thanks 
o everyone who supported me for who I am. 
3ood luck 09. Peace out. 


Drama Club 1-4; Film Club 2-4; Amnesty 3- 
4; Art Club 4 

"May I never be complete. May I never be 
content. May I never be perfect." - Chuck 
Palahniuk. Fight Club 

Thank you's go to the following: Mom and Dad, 
for putting up with me. Aria, for finally becoming 
cool in High School. My grandparents, for their 
kindness and support. Tyler for his friendship and 
taste in hiphop. Tim M-W for his friendship and 
taste in jazz. Andrew for his optimism and beard. 
Alex for his intelligence and backpack. Elise for 
talking in homeroom when I didn't. Molly for her 
smile and kindness. Spilly for her hair and giggle. 
Nina for her Polish. Annie for her 'tyde. Rachel 
for her beautiful art and friendship. Ms. Greene 
for getting me into college. Lacy for teaching me 
to act. Schelvan for being the only cool librarian 
in the world. O'Brient for obscure music jokes 
and letting jazz band play Birdland. The Janitorial 
staff for being the nicest workers in the school. 
To all I have forgotten, I will thank you 
personally. Powertrio Productions for life. My 
password was burtonl. Have fun Norwell. 


Britt, BB, Bergquist 

V. Swimming 1-2; V. Softball 1-4; 

"Live the life you love to live" 

"Be the change you want to see in the 

world" - Candhi 

My gosh, 4 years of high school flew by so 
fast. We did it! Thanks so much to all my 
friends who have been there for me through 
thick & thin. Also to the teachers & faculty 
who were always there for me & for 
everyone over the years. I can honestly say 
that I loved high school & I'm going to miss 
everyone so much! Thanks also to my 
parents, who mean the world to me. 
Without them & Robbie & Courtney I 
wouldn't be as successful as I am today. 
Also thank you to my boyfriend Craig, who 
has always pushed me on. I love you all! 
Good luck to everyone!! Congratulations 
class of '09! 

Art Club 2-4; Amnesty International 2-4; 
Film Club 3; Fourth Wall Players 3-4; Latin 
Club 2-4 

"How do you like me now" - Toby Keith 
"CIT-R-DONE" - Larry the Cable Guy 

Thanks to my family for supporting me. M) 
friends for being there. And my teachers fo 
getting me through. 

"I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting 
it. You don't know what hand you're going to 
get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes 
to you. make each day count." - Titanic 

Wow! I can't believe this whirlwind experience is 
already over! There are so may people who have 
helped me through this long journey, without 
whom, I don't know where I'd be. To Mom, 
Dad, Catie, and Papa: Thank you so much for 
your constant love, support, and guidance. You 
have always been there for me, no matter what. 
You really are the greatest family I could have 
asked for. To my friends: Thanks for always 
being yourselves. I can't even imagine these past 
four years without the people who make me 
laugh so hard I can't breathe. I know without a 
doubt that the bonds we've created at Norwell 
High School will remain strong and that you 
guys will always be there for me. I cannot thank 
you enough for that. I love you guys! To my 
teachers: Thank you for always pushing me to 
do my best. And finally, to the Class of '09: It's 
been fun! Best of luck next year and wherever life 
takes you. Remember to have fun and never stop 
doing what you love! 


Golf 1-4; Hockey 1-4 

Teachers- Thank you for all the help and 
advice you have given me in the past four 
years of my life, especially Ms. Boyer. 
Without her help I would never have 
survived high school. She has been there for 
me in every situation I had whether it was 
good or bad; she was always willing to help. 
Friends- Without my friends, high school 
would have been awful. But the friends I 
have made these past four years are the 
best of my life, thank you so much, 
everybody; you mean the world to me. 
Parents- Mom you have always been there 
to cheer me up when I was feeling down 
and to lend a helping hand whenever a 
friend or I needed it, thank you. Also thank 
you for sticking it out all four years as JV 
golf coach. I speak for evryone you 
coached; we really appreciate the time and 
effort that went into it. Dad, you have been 
there whenever I needed help; you could 
teach me new and interesting things that no 
one else could. Thanks forgiving me the 
best opportunities to do challenging things. 


Byrnes, Byrnesy 

Robotics 1-4; WWII Club 1; Latin Club 1-4; 
Young Democrats 1-2 


Byrnesy, Byrnes 

Robotics 1-4; Young Democrats 1-2; 
WWII Club 1 


Dan, Danny, DannyC 

Swim Team 3-4 Captain; Track 3; 
Treasurer 3 

First of all I would like to thank my parents 
for all their love and support over the years. 
To Ryan, best of luck in everything you do 
in the future. To Brendan, thanks for 
keeping me laughing. And to Nolan, thanks 
for being the best little brother anyone 
could ask for. Also I would like to thank my 
teachers in the NHS, especially Mark 
Herman and Ross Kowalski for providing 
support and opportunities to me 
throughout high school. Finally I would like 
to thank my friends for helping make high 
school one of the most enjoyable 
experiences of my life. Thank you and good 
luck to the class of 2009! 


"I don't want to be a product of my 
environment. I want my environment to be 
a product of me." 
- Frank Costello, The Departed 

I would like to thank my parents and family 
for being so supportive of me throughout 
all of my school years. I can never be 
grateful enough for how much you have 
helped me. Also, to my brothers: Patrick, 
Brendan, and Nolan- you guys are the best 
and good luck in the future. Thanks to all of 
my teachers, especially Kwol and Herm, for 
making my high school years so enjoyable. 
Finally, I'd like to thank my friends for all the 
good times over the last four years. 

5. . 

"What lies behind us and what lies before u. 
are tiny matters compared to what lies 
within us." - Brendan Hansen 
"When the world says 'give up, hope 
whispers 'go ahead and try it one more 
time'" - Erik Verdt 

Thank you to my father, for believing in me 
supporting my goals 100%, and always 
letting me know that you love me. Thank 
you to Grandma and Grandpa for all that 
you do for me, which is more than you 
know. Thank you to Aunt Marta, Uncle 
Doug, Cassie, Jessie, and Ben for being like 
a second family to me. Thank you to all my > 
coaches for helping me to achieve my goab 
and giving me a place and a way to better 
myself. Thanks again to my father for being, 
my best coach, sticking with me the whole 
time. Thank you to Erin, my first true love, 
for the kindness and warmth that you 
showed me; there will always be a place in 
my heart for you. And to all my friends, whc 
impact my life, I'll always remember you. 

r ^ 


Franc. King, KFC, Big Boi, Francos 

Football 1-2; Winter Track 1-2; Baseball 1; 
Golf 3; Wrestling 3-4; Spring Track 2-4; JSA 
2-4; Young Democrats 3-4; Peer Ed 3-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery 
wne but ourselves can free our minds." - Bob 

Thank You Mom and Dad for always loving me 
10 matter how big a mistake I made. I was 
jlessed to have you guys as my parents. Your 
norals and lessons have made the person I am 
oday. Charlie thank for showing what bravery is 
ind Nick thank you for having a good sense of 
lumor. Thank you teachers for showing me the 
jath of success and making learning enjoyable, 
fhank you Mr. C for being a great teacher and a 
nend. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Hanson for 
ilways having an open door. It is safe to say that 
spent half of my high school career at your 
louse. I want to thank my friends for all the good 
imes and fun experiences making the four years 
it NHS the best four years of my life. Thank you 
vlacheras for not dying. I will never forget how a 
*reat a of a place Norwell High School truly is. 
7iva EL DORADO! 


i A 


Leigh-Leigh, Mom 

Peer Education 3-4; Newspaper 2-3; Best 
Buddies 1; Chorus 1-4 

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly 
trying to make you something else is the 
greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo 

The past four years at Norwell High have 
been amazing and I owe it all to my friends. 
You guys were always there no matter what. 
I'm going to miss everybody! Cassie, my 
daughter, next year without each other is 
going to be tough, but I know we'll survive! 
Joanna- You were always there to put a 
smile on my face! Good Luck! Ms. 
Cortright- Thanks for putting up with me 
for 3 years. I don't know how you did it! 
Matt and Jeff- Thanks for protecting me 
from the big bad boys of high school, I owe 
you! Mom and Dad- You have helped me 
become the person I am today and I owe all 
of my success to you. I love you! 
Congrtaulations to everybody and Good 
Luck in the years to come!! 



Basketball 1; Softball 1; Best Buddies 1-4; 
Student Government 2 

"Things may change us but we start and end 
with family." - Anonymous 

To my family thank you for everything. 
Mom, Dad, and Paul you've taught me 
patience, love, right from wrong and so 
much more. Dad, you've always been there 
for me and knowing you always will be 
makes life so much easier. Paul,you're the 
best brother I could have asked for, I love 
you. And Jessica thank you for always being 
my best friend but now after 16 years you're 
officially my sister. To all my cousins thank 
you, I haven't learned or laughed more with 
anyone else, I love you. 



Thank you Class of 2009 for all the great 
times we had together. I would also like to 
thank all the teachers for helping me 
throughout my school years. Mom, Dad, 
Erica & Megan, thanks for helping me with 
life in general. 


Bry, B-ry, Bcart, Bryone, Wheelz 

Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Winter Track 3-4 
Spring Track 1-4 

"Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the 
real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, 
friends gather no dust." - Jesse Owens 
"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, and 
some achieve greatness, and some have greatness 
thrust upon 'em." ■ William Shakespeare 

I would first like to thank my parents for always being 
there for me and for helping me to aim me in the right 
direction so that I am able to succeed. I also want to 
thank my both of my brothers, Nick and James, for 
always being there if I ever needed anything. Next I 
definately want to thank all of my teachers and 
especially my coaches for helping to make high school 
fun and exciting as it has been for the past four years. 
Thanks to all my friends for all the good times that we 
have had together throughout high school especially 
the continuous hangouts at the Hanson household. I 
hope to remain friends with all of you guys after we 
leave high school. Also of course I would like to thank 
Lizzie for always being by my side and for being with 
me through the ups and downs. I am very lucky to 
have you in my life and I have been very fortunate to 
have been able to share memories with you that we wil 
have forever. Congratulations Class of '09. 



Basketball 1; Lacrosse 1-2; Cheerleading3-4 Swim Team 1, 2, 4; Surf Culture 4; Field 

Hockey 1-2; Snowboard Club 4; Art Club 4 

Thanks to all my friends, family & teachers 
throughout the years. If it wasn't for you I 
don't know where I'd be. Thanks for the 
countless laughs and memories, and for 
always being able to put a smile on my face. 
Kay, Cass, Rach & Vikki- Thanks for putting 
up with me & for being there when I 
needed it. You're my party babes & I love 
you. Mom, Kevin, Kylie & Tyler, Thanks for 
being an awesome family, only the 
Best.. Miss Criss- loveya girl! NHS- It's been 

"One can live magnificently in this world if one 
knows how to work and how to love." - Leo 

"To think that one's actions could please the 
masses is indeed a notion bound in irony; 
someone will inevitably find something wrong in 
almost everything. So do what you do best, and 
remember to have enough tolerance for two." - 
Brandon Boyd 

Thank you Leanne for being there throughout it 
all. Kelly, thanks for being the weirdest person I 
know, love you. Meghan, I love your dumb jokes 
that nobody laughs at. Tori, you are hilarious, 
never had a dull moment with you. Ally girl! You 
are easily the most unique person I have ever 

Mom and Dad, thanks for loving me 
unconditionally. I would be lost without your 
guidance, love you to death. 
Michelle- The bigget thanks to you. You have 
proven to me that the independent mind is the 
one that achieves the most. When you publish 
your first book, I will be the first in line to buy it. 


Amnesty Intl 3-4; Art Club 3-4; Space 
Cadets 4 

"Losing our minds was all part of the plan, 
and we executed it beautifully" - City & 


Liz, Lizzie, Piece of Clapp, Lizzard, Clapp, 
Lizzyloo, Morceau 



Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Indoor Track 3-4; 
Track and Field 1-4; JSA 2-4; Band 1-4; 
NHS 3-4 

"If you are going through hell, keep going." 
-Winston Churchill 

First of all I would just like to congratulate the 
Class of 2009 for making it through all these 
years of school. I would like to thank the soccer 
team for, one, putting up with me for four years 
and two, making the year go by much faster. I 
would like to thank Curtis, Ceany, Tay and Emo 
for HJump. It will never be forgotten. I would 
also like to thank Mr. G for all the good times at 
JSA conventions, selling pizza in the back corner. 
Thank you Saniuk, Mr. Whelton, Ms. Sharpe, 
Mr. O'Briant, and all my other teachers for 
helping me through high school. Lastly, I would 
like to thank my parents and my family for 
supporting me in whatever I did. Dad, for always 
being my coach and helping to get better. Mom, 
for always believing in me and telling me I can do 
anything I want. Shannon and Dillan, for always 
helping me when I needed someone to play 
goalie or to tell me what I'm doing wrong. Good 
Luck Class of 2009! 


Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-2; 
Winter Track 3-4 

"Don't work hard; work smart" 

Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me 
with school and anything I needed. Thank 
you to everyone at Norwell High School for 
making my time here great. 

Iheerleading 1-4 (Captain); Gymnastics 1-2; 
Decibelles 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; 
JSA 2-4; Chorus 1, 4; Drama 2; Track 1 

Everyone has inside of him a 
>iece of good news. The good news is that you 
'on't know how great you can be/ How much 
ou can love/ What you can accomplish/ And 
/hat your potential is!" - Anne Frank 


O, OBC.O baby, big O 

Football 1-2; Hockey 1-4; Lacross 1-2; Track 
and Field 3; Soccer 3-4 (Capt.); Lacrosse 3- 
4; Peer Ed 3-4 

"Learn from yesteryday, live for today, hope 
for tomorrow." - Anonymous 

The last four years I have spent at Norwell 
High School have been the best years of my 
life. The friends I have met and the 
experiences I have had will stay with me as I 
go on with my future endeavors. I'd like to 
thank my Mom and Dad for encouraging 
me to do whatever I want to do, as well as 
my teachers, and coaches. Also, thanks to 
Averie and Cam for being there for me. To 
all my friends, thanks for the good times and 
laughs. I'd like to give a shoutout to the 
stoop crew. There are so many people that I 
will always remember and stay in touch with 




Chorus 1-4; Drama 1-4; Newspaper 3-4; 
Best Buddies 3-4 

"We all have our own life to pursue, our own 
kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have 
the power to make wishes come true, as long 
as we keep believing." - Louisa MayAlcott 

It's so crazy that we are finally graduating! 
Thanks to my friends who have always been 
there for me- Annie, Nicole, Maggie, Molly, 
Leigh and Rachel- Thanks for all the good 
times. To the ACT crew- Cat, Andrew, Matt, 
Dexter, Emily and everyone else, we have 
shared so many laughs and memories. Good 
Luck! 4WP's, you're all so talented and I will 
miss you so much. Don't stop being crazy, anc 
good luck next year! Thanks to Mr. Lacy and 
Ms. Cortright for giving me the chance to 
perform and learn. To my family- Dad, thanks 
for believing in me and making me laugh. To 
Cioci, Kay Kay and Uncle you guys are 
amazing; I love you. Mom- Thanks for always 
pushing me and supporting me in everything I 
do- 1 love you. Peter, you are the most 
amazing brother a girl could have. Work hard 
next year and cherish every moment because 
the next four years will go by way too fast. 
You'll be fine. I'm going to miss you so much! 
Lastly, to the Class of '09, we did it! 




"Youth's the most unfaithful mistress, still 
we forge ahead to miss her, rushing our 
moment to shine." - Dashborad 

"There is no defeat in death. Master Bruce. Victory 
comes in defending what we know is right while we still 
live" - Alfred. 

"I'm a Cop you idiot" - Arnold Schwarzenegger 

I want to thank everyone that's either helped me or 
pushed me to succeed the past 12 years. I couldn't have 
asked for better coaches or teachers to push me in the 
classroom or the playing field. To all my friends 
especially Lodg, Mason, Chuck, Mike, Rumbly, Frank, 
and many others. Good luck in college, and I don't 
think I'll ever do as many ridiculous and stupid fun 
things as we did. A special shoutout to my boys on 
Fantasy Sunday, Italy 07 the Ceogans will never die, 
and of course to good ol Mark senior letting me live at 
his house for the past four years. I'll never forget my 
football team and good luck to AJ and Dom and the 
rest of the guys of 2010. Most importantly, I'd like to 
thank my Mom and my Dad for always supporting 
whatever I chose to do, and being there for me every 
step of the way. I love you guys. Harris and Allie, good 
luck you two and don't forget you'll be representing 
the Detwiler name, but don't worry I haven't lost faith 
yet. Lexi, you changed me as a person so much for the 
better that I don't know what I would have done if you 
hadn't walked into my life sophomore year. I love you 
babe, don't ever forget it. 

"Time goes by fast, people in and out of your 
life. You must never miss this opportunity to tel 
these people how much they mean to you." 

First off, I would like to thank my family. 
Mom and Dad, thank you for always 
supporting every decision that I ever made, 
and for putting up with me for all these 
years. Jodie, you are the best sister ever! 
You're full of life and you're an excellent 
long car ride partner. Secondly, I would like 
to thank my class and all of the friends that I 
have ever made over these years, we did it! 
And Finally, Carley, you have completely 
changed my life and I will never forget you. 
You know me better than anyone else and 
we have been through so much. I guess 
what I'm really trying to say is, Carley, I love 

First off thank you to my family. Mom and Dad 
thank you for listening to me, your advice, and 
making me smile. Nicole- goodluck with you 
future and the rest of college. Brian- be smart 
and live it up. Thank you to the Aizenstadt farm 
for all your love and support. To my girls- Tay, 
Carley, Kyla, Emma, and BB- It's been a wild 
ride, but I wouldn't have picked any other girls t 
go through it with. James- thanks for always 
being there to talk to. Christos- thanks for 
making every situation the most fun it could be 
Kyla h- thanks for all the great memories. Murpl 
thank you for everything. Bill, Dave, Marshall, 
Preston, and Leanne- Good luck to all of you, 
love you guys. Saniuk, Ms. Schad, Mrs. Boyer. 
and especially Mr. Browne- 1 couldn't have mad 
it without you. Tay- you will always be my best 
friend. Thanks. PEACE NHS! 





I would like to thank my parents for always 
being there. Thanks to all of my friends that 
made high school fun and exciting. I want 
to thank all of my teachers for helping me 
stay on track especially Mrs. Boyer, you 
were always there for me. Thanks to all my 
Coaches: Mr. Camerota, Mr. Hurley, 
Mr. Doyle, Mr. Foreman and Mr. Paine. 
Best of luck in the future class of 2009. 

"You don't live till you're ready to die" 

"Friends Family Forever" 

- Death Before Dishonor 

"It's passin by your eyes real fast, another 24 

another day has passed" - KMK 

First off I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad 
for all the help and support they've given 
me throughout school. I also want to thank 
all my friends that have made my life so 
much more interesting DD, AT, MH, LT, 
CM, FR, PA, AM, CD, CO, MD, TW, RO, 
PP, if I forget anyone you know who you 
are. I'd also like to thank Mrs. Boyer, you 
always helped and believed in me and I 
would not have made it through these last 
two years without you. I also want to thank 
my relative for always being there. Chris- 
stay focused, never give up, only another 
four years. Good luck to everyone I know in 
the grades below me. 

"Sting. Sting would be another person who's a 
hero. The music he's created over the years, I 
don't really listen to it. but the fact that he's 
making it. I respect that. I care desperately abou 
what I do, Do I know what product I'm selling? 
No. Do I know what I'm doing today? No. But 
I'm here, and I'm gonna give it my best shot." 

To my family, thank you for being the goofiest, 
most adventurous, fun, supportive friends I have 
Everything I am today I owe to you and I could 
not be more excited to be a part of your lives. 
Mr. Coniatis and Ms. Cilabert, thanks for always 
being there when I need a good laugh, cry, slap 
in the face or just somewhere to hide out and 
skip class. You made high school possible. My 
girls, Carley, Kyla, Tay, Michelle, and BB, you an 
the greatest friends I could ever ask for. Thank 
you for taking me places I never would have 
gone on my own and never failing to make me 
die laughing. The fun is just begining. Tim, 
there's really nothing I could possibly write to 
express how much I love you and how grateful I 
am to have you as a friend. Thank you for being 
you. I can't wait for all the adventures we are 
going to have together. Africa '06, never forget. 
Soccer girls, stay crazy. Class of '09, the sky is 
the limit. 

Tony, Fuzz 
Hockey 1-4; Soccer 1-4; Lacrosse 1-2 

c nends can help each other. A true friend is 
omeone who lets you have total freedom to be 
■ourselfand especially to feel. Or. not feel. 
Vhatever you happen to be feeling at the 
nomentis fine with them. That's what real love 
mounts to-letting a person be what he really is." 
Jim Morrison 

DMG! 09 is fine! I just want to thank my parents 
or doing everything they did over the years, 
"hank you Mom and Dad for everything. Love 
■ou. Thanks to my brother Dan who gave me 
dvice when I needed it. Mary and Laur. good 
jck with the years to come and honestly enjoy 
chool while it lasts because it really does go by 
o fast. Mrs. Boyer, thank you so much for all 
he help you gave me over the years. Thanks to 
ill my teachers and friends, you guys are the 
>est. Alright! Check ya later dude!! 


Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4 

"Hype is something that's not real, I'm all 

real" - Booby Miles 

"Good waiters make big tips" 

- Coach Flannagan 

First and Foremost I would like to thank my 
Mom and Dad for always being there to 
support me through all the good and the 
bad times shaping me into the person I am 
now today. Dad, you showed me what it 
really means to be a true champion. I would 
also like to thank my sister for guidance, 
help, and always being there for me. Thank 
you to all my friends, you ALL know who 
you are, whether it was on the playing fields 
or just hanging out and having good times. 
You guys hade made high school a very 
memorable and cherished place in my mind. 
Lastly, I would like to thank all my teachers, 
my coaches and especially Coach 
Flanangan for the guidance, and those 
lessons that I will take with me forever. 
Thank you Class of '09 for the good times 
and Good Luck - Mike 

AFS/lnternational Club 1-4; Best Buddies 1- 

4*CP3*VP4; Diversity 1; Latin Club 3-4; 
NHS 3-4; Peer Education 3; French Club 1; 
Field Hockey 1-3; Spring Track 1-2 

"I don't care what it was designed to do, I 
care what it can do." - Apollo 13 

First off, I would like to thank my family: 
Mom, Dad, Colleen, and Kevin. Thank you 
guys for putting up with me and supporting 
me through all my crazy adventures. And 
thank you to all of my friends DC, AP, AB, 
NH, RS, SS, TR, NK, NC, and all the rest: I 
love you guys! <3 You're all amazing! 
Finally, I would like to thank all my teachers 
for supporting me and guiding me to all my 
academic success. Thank you all so much 
and good luck to all the class of '09! 

Merci Beaucoup! Je vous aime beaucoup! 


at- * 2. 

• -r <m mm. 

John Flaherty 

Soccer 1-4; Ski Team 2-4 Field Hockey 1-2; National Honor Society : 

4; Invisible Children 4; Yearbook 4 

I would first like to thank my family for 
always being there for me and supporting 
me when I need it. Also I want to thank all 
my teachers for helping me learn and 
preparing me for college. Also to all of my 
friends for being there for me and sharing so 
many great memories. 

"What's worse: not getting everything you 
wished for, or getting it but finding out if s not 
enough? The rest of your life is being shaped 
right now with the dreams you chase and the 
choices you make. The rest of your life is a long 
time, and the rest of your life starts right now." 

I can't believe I'm finally writing this. 1000 
characters really doesn't cut it. Mom & Dad- 
thank you for being my biggest fans and 
grounding me when I deserved it, I love you boi 
even if I don't say it enough. Cret, Kels, Bri, Mill 
for being my sisters when I had no one else to 
turn to, you mean everything to me. Tim- for th 
all-nighters and for helping me survive junior ye< 
(even though we both almost died) . Carley, 
Kyla, BB, Leanne and the rest- 1 love you all, 
never stop being so wild and crazy. 07&.08, 
Spain 08, Marylou's 08- High school wouldn't 
have been the same without you! And Kevm- 
you're my best friend, thank you for being more 
than I could ever ask for. To anyone I forgot am 
to the Class of 09- 1 love you, good luck, and 
thank you for the memories! 



Bfratt, Bobby 

When your life flashes before your eyes, 
nake sure you've got plenty to watch." - 
\uthor unknown 

"hank you to my Mom and Dad for always 
lelping me in school and out and 
upporting me in anything I do and helping 
ne even when I was not so willing to do 
ome things they were still there and helped 
ne through everything. Also thanks to my 
wo sisters for putting up with me half the 
ime and not gouging my eyes out at some 
joints. And lastly thanks to all my teachers 
or helping me especially Mrs. Field for 
>eing there to help me since day one of 
ugh school and not giving up on me even 
vhen I was less than willing to do work. 
\nd thanks to all my friends who would just 
)e there to take my mind off school and 
iang out with. 


PeerEd 3-4; Basketball 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4 

"It's been a wild ride, I wouldn't change a 
minute." - 311 

Thank you to all my friends and family. 
Joseph, I wouldn't be the outgoing person I 
am today if it wasn't for you. I love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Sam, thanks for everything! 
I LOVE you! Maddie, my other half, you 
always know what I'm thinking even if I 
don't say anything. Thanks for everything. 
Serena thanks for everything, you always 
put a smile on my face. Love you lots. Kaela 
you're psycho, but I love you for it. Mrs. 
Plassmann, I don't even know where to 
begin. Thank you for everything you have 
done. Nurse, Mr. C, Mr. Devine you guys 
are the best! Congrats class of '09! Good 



Ceogan, Ceogs, Coach Ceogacheck, 
Goosebosh, Coogies 

Football 1-4; Winter Track 1; Wrestling 2-4; 
Chess Club 3-4; JSA 3-4 

"On any given day you' re gonna lose. The 
point is - can you win or lose like a man?" - 
Any Given Sunday 

Thank you to everyone for making the last 
4 years enjoyable. Thanks to all of my 
friends, you know who you are. Thank you 
to my teachers and coaches for supporting 
me for the past 4 years. Most importantly, 
thank you to all my family, Mom, Dad, and 
Rob you guys have supported me for my 
entire life and I can't thank you enough for 
that. Good luck to everyone in the class of 
'09, and to all the underclassmen as well. 


First I must thank my family. Without all of 
you I would not be half as successful or a 
quarter of the person I am today. Thank 
you Mom for being my best friend and the 
best Mom I could hope for. Thank you Dad 
for supporting me through everything I 
have done no matter how unusual the road 
has been. Thank you Steph for the great 
bits and the late night talks. I'm so happy we 
have become great friends. Thank you Joey 
for the wonderful laughs. I can truly say that 
I'm proud to have you as my brother. I 
would also like to thank all my friends. You 
are all a different piece of me and you have 
all made my life weird and amazing. 

"I wished to live deliberately, to front only 
the essential facts of life, and see if I could 
not learn what I had to teach, and not, 
when I came to die, discover that I had not 
lived." - Henry David Thoreau 

"Anything good in life is either illegal, immoral, or 
fattening" ■ Murphy's Law 

First I'd like to thank Nurise for everything she's done 
for me in the past four years and the years to come. If 
it wasn't for you constantly getting on my butt about 
due dates and gettine back to class, well I wouldn't 
have done a thing, so thank you. Also, thank you for 
letting me eat lunch in your room everyday!! Ms. 
Arnold and Mr. Looby, thank you so much for helping 
me through this year, and with life in general! To 
Brianna&Madison, thank you so much for being true 
friends and always there for me. Bri, if it wasn't foryoi 
guidance and perserverance, I would have given up. 
and you never let me, so thank you. Maddie, oh god. 
we've had some pretty wild and interesting adventure; 
you're crazy, random, and even sometimes weird 
personality, and most importantly, your strength to 
keep going when things are hard. I love you both So 
Much! I would also like to thank all my other friends fc 
sharing these hilarious and even dark moments in my 
life. To my family, thank you for making me the persoi 
I am today, because without you I would be totally 
different, and that would Not be any fun. Most 
importantly, I'd like to thank myself for making it this 
far, not once did I think I would ever actually graduate 
and now I am. The past four years have been filled wit 
a lot of emotions, some good, some bad, but I did it 
Good Luck 09. WE FINALLY MADE IT!! 


Cross Country 1-3; Swimming 1-4; Drama 3; 
Spring Track 1 

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I 
want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books 
I want to read, and all the friends I want to see." - John 

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is 
the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try 
again tomorrow." - Mary Anne Radmacher 

After 18 years in Norwell, I look back at my life with few 
regrets. Many people have helped me succeed in life 
thus far. For not only high school, but for middle, 
elementary, and pre-school, I have to thank my 
parents. With their love and support, and forgiveness I 
have learned from my mistakes and have made great 
achievements. There was never a time my parents 
weren't supporting me in everything I did. I thank my 
older brother so much. Nate, you have always been a 
great role model for me and I hope you the best in 
college, llife, and beyond. My younger brother has 
always been around to listen to me, help me with my 
problems, and criticize me when I'm doing something 
wrong. Ben, I wish you the best for the rest of your 
high school years. I'd like to thank my friends, 
especially Caroline, for making high school not only 
bearable but as fun as high school could be. Thanks to 
my swim tea, especially Jane and Bridgey, for pushing 
me to work harder. I love you! To my youth group 
family- you've made Sunday nights and April vacations 
unforgettable. Meg, Heather, and Brandon- 1 cannot 
describe all that you mean to me. I love you all so 
much. Never forget our lessons learned. Good luck 
class of '09- we're gonna do great things! 


Liz, Lizzie, Lizzie-tish, 

Field Hockey 1-3; Basketball 1; Softball 1-2; 
Spring Track 3-4; Yearbook 4 

Congratulations Class of 2009. we finally 
id it! It was a great four years and we had 
in doing it. I would just like to say thank 
ou to my family: Mom, Dad, Mike, Bob, 
)e andjuliann for putting up with me 
iroughout the years and listening to my 
wesome stories. Also to my amazing 
iachers who taught me so much in four 
ears. And a special thanks to Mrs. Field, 
/Irs. Ingeme and Mrs. Scott for helping me 
irough high school I couldn't have done it 
/ithoutyou guys. And of course a big hug 
o "Nurse" who made me laugh at least 
mce a day. Thank You! Thanks to all my 
iends for being there for me and just being 
reat friends. YOU ROCK. Also I will never 
^rget the awesome four years in Mr. 
Srowne's homeroom we had a lot of great 
aughs. Good luck classes of 2010, 2011, and 
012. '09 IS FINE! 


Beeej: BJB, B render, Brendawg. Bren, 
Brendy. B-Face, B-Hallz 

Cross Country 1-3; Winter Track 1-2; Spring 
Track 1-2; PeerEd 3-4; Math Team 2-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; 
Student Gov 1-4 

It's hard to believe that we're finally 
graduating. After all the countless tests, 
hard classes, the good days, and the bad, 
we made it. There's no way I could have 
gotten this far without the love and support 
of my family and friends. To Mom and Dad- 
thanks for everything. Without you, I 
wouldn't have learned and experienced all 
the things that make me who I am today. 
To Lydia and Kayla- you guys are the best 
sisters I could ask for. Thanks for the 
guidance you've given me. I hope to 
accomplish as much as you both have 
done. To Paige- you're my best friend and 
my cousin, I'll always love you. To my 
friends- you guys have made these four 
years unforgettable. We've had soo much 
fun together, love you guys!. To the class of 
2009- good luck to all of you! Take 
chances, live your life, chase your dreams. 



Mace, Masian, Crazian, Mace-Face 

Soccer 1-2; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Golf 3; Track 
2;JSA 3-4; Student Government 1-2 

"The only correct actions are those that 
demand no explanation and no apology." 

- Red Auerbach 

"60 percent of the time it works everytime" 

- Brian Fontana 

I'd like to thank my parents first and 
foremost; without their love and support I 
would not be the person I am today. Thank 
you to all my friends, especially Loge, FJ, 
Evan, Bryan, Tim, Ned, and Frank. You 
guys always pushed me to be the best I 
could be. Thank you for making high 
school fun. I will always remember football 
Sundays, late night BK runs, and 360 
tournaments. Finally, I would like to thank 
my brothers for always being there when I 
needed advice or guidance. Also, thanks 
Annali, for being a good sister. 
Congratulations and Good Luck to the 
Class of '09. 



Marmalade, Marsh, Hillbilly Haskins, 

Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; 
Snowboard Club 1-4 

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're 
free to do anything." - Tyler Durden. Fight Club 

"Mama always said, stupid is as stupid does." 
■ Forrest Gump 

We made it! I still cannot believe now fast the 
last four years have passed us by, I want to start 
by thanking my parents. Mom, I couldn't have 
made it this far without your love and support! 
Dad, thanks for everything you've taught me, 
and done for me. To my brothers and sisters- 
thanks for putting up with me. I would like to 
thank Ms. Criss and Ms. Schad for being there to 
talk to. To all of my teammates in which I have 
had the privilege of playing with. ..good luck! 
And to my friends- Alex, Bill, Dave, Leanne, 
Michelle, Colin, Petejimmy, Paul, Big B, Dan 
Van, Tony, and Trevor- Keep on keepin' on! Alex 
and Dave thanks for being like brothers to me- 
love you guys! Bill, there really hasn't been a dull 
moment since the day I met you. And Leanne 
you'll always hold a special place in my heart! 
Thank you ALL for being there with me through 
the good and the bad. I couldn't ask for a better 
group of friends. See ya' at the reunion!!! 


Kaken, Ethel, Patches. Crisco 

Cross Country 1; Basketball 1; Softball 1; 

"Fate determines who walks into your life, 
but you decide who you let walk out, who 
you let stay, and who you refuse to let go." 
Sex and the City 

Thank you to all my friends and family who 
have helped me become the person I am 
today. (DV) 



Mich, Meesh, Meesh Tank, Mitch, 
Michy Fishy 

Fall Cheerleadingl-4; 
Winter Cheerleading 1-2; Lacrosse 1-4 

Be the change you want to see in the 
world." - Gandhi 

The past four years have been the best 
years of my life. I have been so lucky to 
meet some amazing people and make grea 
relationships. Thanks to Mia + Mrs. 
Cortright for always helping me with my 
school work; Mr. C + Ms. Criss for not onL 
being great teachers, but great friends. 
Thank you to all my friends and family for 
loving me and putting up with me, I 
appreciate you all so much. Thank you Julie 
for coaching me through six seasons of 
cheerleading, it's been crazy. Thanks to 
everyone for making my high school 
experience better than I could've imagined. 


Swims for Norwell High School 4 

There's none so blind as those who will not 
ee" - The Moody Blues 
May all your dreams be fulfilled, except for 
me. so that you will always have something 
o strive for" - Seven of Nine, Fertiary 
\djunct ofUnmatrix Zero-One 

would like to thank my family for helping 
nd supporting me throughout my life. I 
i/ould like to thank all of the faculty of the 
vlorwell Public Schools for providing me 
> ith such an excellent education. And last 
>ut not least, I would like to thank all of my 
riends for being the great people that you 

fitti Mm 


Amnesty International 1,2; Art Club 3,4; 
Best Buddies 1; Book Club 3,4; Chorus 1-4; 
Mock Trial 1-3; NHS 3,4; Yearbook 4 

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, 
and its better to be absolutely ridiculous 
than absolutely boring." -Marilyn Monroe 

I can't believe how fast high school went by. 
I have so many people to thank for helping 
me get where I am today. Thank you to all 
of my teachers for helping me reach my 
goals. Mom and Dad - thank you for 
everything. Especially for letting me go to 
Spain. Pat - thanks for being you! Good 
luck with the rest of high school. To all of 
my friends - thank you for the laughs, the 
memories , and for always being there for 
me no matter what! I couldn't have made it 
through high school without you guys. 
Spain '08 - thanks for an amazing trip that 
I'll never forget. Class of '09 - thanks for the 
memories, good luck next year. 


Himbe, Herb, Himberg, Herb Hustle, Josh, 
Holyheld Himberg 

Football 1-3; Hockey 1-4; Baseball 1-4 

"Procrastination is one of the most 
common and deadliest of diseases and its 
toll on success and happiness is heavy." 
- Wayne Cretsky 

"I don't want or need to gain respect with 
what I do off the court. I want respect for 
what I do on the court" - Vince Carter 

First off, I would like to thank my parents 
for driving me to different places and always 
being there for me. I want to thank my 
brothers for being there to talk to. I also 
want to thank all of my teachers for 
teaching me. Thanks to all my teammates 
that I have played with, making every 
season great. I would also like to thank all 
of my coaches. Thanks everyone for a great 
four years! 


Crust, Kruts, KHow, Kristyzar, Frizo 

Cross Country 1; Softball 1-2; 
Swim Team 1-3; National Honor Society 3-4 

"Oh yes. the past can hurt. But the way I see it. you can 
either run from it... or... I earn from it." ■ Raftki- The Lion 

Thank you Mom and Dad for always encouraging me 
to follow my dreams, I would never be where I am 
today if it weren't for your love and guidance. Katie, 
Steph. and V, thanks for being the best sisters I could 
ever ask for. Shrek marathons, Maryanne, exploring at 
Jacob's- I'm always laughing when I'm with you guys, 
and we have a good time no matter what we're doing. 
I love you, good luck in high school! Mollz- Thanks for 
being such a good friend and always making me smile, 
have an awesome senior year! XT, Embo, Drew, and 
Justine thanks for making forts with me, having dance 
parties, campfires, fishing, and mailing doughnuts to 
people. You've made the past four years crazy and so 
much fun! I don't know what I would do without you 
guys. Kelly and Meghan, thanks for everything! We 
have so many good memories and I know both of you 
will always be there for me. The Cold Team- Thank 
you for making our month in Africa one of the best 
experiences of my life, I'll never forget you guys. 
Thanks to all my friends, teachers, and everyone else 
who has helped me get this far. 
Congratulations class of 09! 


Bonkers, CoatyCoat, Ninerkins, Nina, 

Amnesty 1-4; Film Club 3-4; Art Club 2-4; 
Space Cadets 4; Tennis 1-2; Track & Field 3 

"But I don't want comfort. I want Cod J want poetry. I 
want real danger. I want freedom. I want sin." - Brave 
New World. Alduous Huxley 

This all seems a little off schedule- I never thought the 
time to write my thank-you's would arrive so quickly. 
Well, I guess since I have to fit it all into one little 
paragraph. ..Spanky, Annielicious, Stubby, Uber Baby 
and Sparklebutt (among others): you guys are super 
amazing; I simply would not have been able to get 
through high school without the madness and idiocy 
that is our friendship. Mamo, Tato the both of you 
have been just unbelievably tolerant of my random 
changes of interest and I just want to thank you for 
supporting-both mentally and financially- the decisions 
I'd made on a whim. ..even if I hadn't always been there 
to empty the dishwasher. Nie wiem jak was 
podiekowac za cale moje zycie. Kocham was bez 
koncu! Thank you also to my French and Spanish 
teachers, especially Ms. Ward, who gave me 
opportunities I wouldn't have had if she hadn't 
otherwise been there for me. Muchisimas gracias! Also, 
Mr. Sullivan, you've been awesome tolerating us 
Amnesty kids, I know we must be very obnoxious more 
often than not. And to the rest of the senior class, we 
probably won't be seeing each other for a while ( 10- 
year reunion?) . Norwell's been a really big family to me 
since I moved here, so thanks for that. I'll miss you 
guys a ton! 


Maggie, Mags. Marg 

Field Hockey 1-4; Swimming 1-4 (capt); 

Best Buddies 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Peer Ed 3-4 

"The future belongs to those who believe it 
the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor 

Thanks to my family, teachers, and the clas 
of '09 for making my four years at NHS so 
memorable! Mom and Dad- thanks for you 
love and support through everything I've 
done. I love you, and I'll always be your littl 
girl. Robbie, Tommy, Brigid and Brendan, 
we've never had a dull moment, thanks for 
being my constant support and 
entertainment. Robbie and Tommy, good 
luck with everything and stay out of trouble 
Bridg- thanks for being such a great little si; 
and good luck with all the boys next year! 
Brendan- you'll always be my number one 
Bud. To all my friends- thanks for making 
high school truly unforgettable. The 
memories are endless and full of humor. 
Class of 2009- Congratulations, and Good 


Toodies. Toot, Jacobs 

Lacrosse 1-4; Coif 1 

ihut upaya face" - George Wilkinson 

irst off I would like to thank my Mom and 
)ad for always being there with me. I would 
so like to thank my two brothers Adam 
id Spencer. Sometimes we fight but we 
Iways have a good time together. And to 
ly friends, you guys are the best. I couldn't 
ave done high school without all of you. 
Is. Boyer, you're the best! I probably 
ouldn't have made it through high school 
'ithoutyou being there every day since 
eshman year. I'd like to thank my 
randparents, you guys are great. Good 
ick to the Class of 09. 1 hope everybody is 
jccessful in life! 


MK, Monstah.K.O.K. 

Soccer 1-4. Baseball 1-4. Winter Track 2-3, 
JSA 3-4, Young Democrats 3-4, Peer Ed 3-4 

"Who knew that life would move so fast?" 
-Kanye West 

"Perhaps even this will one day be pleasnat 
to look back on." -Virgil 

First off, I would like to thank my family for 
their support over my four years at NHS. 
Mom + Dad - Thank you for always pushing 
me to do my best and supporting me in all 
of my choices. Megan - Thanks for making 
high school easy and always being there for 
me, you are the best big sister and role 
model I could ask for. Colin - Don't do 
anything that I wouldn't do and don't get 
too stressed out by high school because it 
should be fun. I also want to thank all my 
friends for the good times we shared. I 
especially want to thank the Fantastic Four 
plus guys always made the city of 
gold the best place to be. Finally I would 
like to thank my teachers and coaches for 
teaching me the life lessons that I will always 
remember. Good luck class of '09. We are 
the best! 


Amnesty International 1-2; Art Club 1-4; 

Book Club 3-4; Halyard 2-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Yearbook 4 

"A soul selects her own society" 
■ Emily Dickenson 

First I want to especially thank my mum, without 
whom I would not be as successful in school, 
and in life. Also I want to thank her for always 
supporting me in everything that I do. Words 
cannot even begin to describe my deep gratitude 
for all the help she has given me. Next I would 
like to thank my whole entire family for their 
loving support. In addition I wish to thank all of 
my teachers because every one has been so kind 
and wonderful to me. When I was a freshman, 
Mr. Browne was always so positive in 
encouraging me to keep doing well that I felt so 
special and he is the part of the reason I have not 
stopped pushing myself forward. Also I want to 
thank Ms. Field for always making me feel that I 
could come to her with any concerns I have. Last 
but not least I would like to thank Ms. Cilmore 
for her beautiful outlook on life, I have never met 
anyone with so much appreciation for what she 
has. I value everything everyone has done for 
me; I cannot imagine a better high school 

^^^^^ k 



RobK, Lit Bob, RJ 
Wrestling 1-4; Football 1-2; JSA 3-4; Chess 3 

"Cole Train Baby, Woo woo!" - Augustus 

So I would like to thank everyone, my Mom 
and my Dad. Both of my sisters, Alexa and 
Sam, all of my teachers and coaches, I owe 
everything to you all. You guys rock! The 

U ". .. ■< .» 


Stos, /C//'t, Xros, Zeus, Da Lava F/O 

Footbal 1-2, Hockey 1-4, Lacrosse 1, Field 
Hockey 4, Chess Club (Founder/Co- 

"Know you role and shut you mouth." - 
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 

Thanks Baba, Mom, Yiota, Keti, Kiki, 
Antoni, and Yiayia for putting up with me. 
Thanks coaches and teammates! Street crew 
Matt, Nico, Nick, Mikey we had some solid 
games. What up Mike Vick...l'll see you next 
year. Spain '08 good times! All my friends, 
we had some good times. Good luck 


Cross Country 1-2; Winter Track 1-3; Sprin 
Track 1-2; Best Buddiesl-4; Surf Culture 1 t 
Chorus 1-3; CSA/Diversity 1-4; Invisible 

"Life is not measured by the number of 
breaths you take, but the number of 
moments that take our breath away." - 

Thank you Mom, Dad, & Jason for being 
with me through the good times and 
helping me through the bad. To my friend: 
we've always had a great time. You've all le 
me with unforgettable memories that I'll 
take with me through my journey of life. 


Karate 4; Paintball Club 4 

Do. or Do Not. There is no Try" - Yoda 

just wanted to thank everyone who made 
ligh School so awesome. Thank you Mr. 
)itomaso, Mr. Coniatis and Mr. Jacobs for 
nowing me I really liked history. Thank you 
hr. Sullivan for pushing me to make better 
1 English than I ever thought I could be. 
hank you Mr. Schelvan for always being 
nere. Thank you Ms. Vernacchio for 
verything. Thank you Class of '09 for being 
o awesome. Last but not least, Thank you 
iy friends who made coming to school 
veryday enjoyable. 




Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us 
are tiny matters compared to what lies 
within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I would like to thank my parents for 
supporting me and pushing me. You have 
given me many opportunities and for that I 
am thankful. I would also like to thank the 
range of teachers who had me and opened 
many doors as well that would not have 
been there if it wasn't for them. I would like 
to thank my great group of friends for 
making high school such a great 
experience, and making me feel so accepted 
my freshmen year. Hopefully we can stay 
connected through our college years and 
remain good friends. Finally I would like to 
thank my girl Leah. Even though we met 
close to a year ago it feels like I've known 
you for years and I want to thank you for 
supporting me in everything I do, no matter 
what it is. 




Nick, Sparky, Sunshine, Nick von baron 

Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Spring Track 2 

"No brains, no headache" - Out Cold 
"Oh mom, I promise Im gonna be large, 
someday Im gonna stop tryin to borrow 
your car, gonna go far, with charisma and 
skill until they put my face on a million 
dollar bill." - Atmosphere 

I would like to start by thanking my Mom 
and Dad for never saying I told you so and 
always doing what was best for me. Also all 
my teachers and coaches including: Mr. 
Sullivan, Mr. Luccarelli, Mr. Bradshaw, Ms. 
Saniuk and last but my English teacher and 
best friend Ms. Criss. Also Mrs. Verrochi for 
being like a second mom to me and 
basically letting me live in your house 
throughout the summer. Also all my best 
friends mikey, matt, christos and d. And 
finally the football team for giving me a 
great season especially ryan vaughan. 

C- shuttle 

Freshmen Footy;JV Hockey 1; Winter Track 
2-4; Spring Track 3-4 

"Heres to us fools that have no meaning, I 
tip my glass to you, lets toast the night 
away to friends, and forget about 
tomorrow." - New Found Glory 

I would like to thank my parents for always 
being there for me. Mrs. Rheault and Mrs. 
Field for helping me throughout the years. 
All my friends Brendon, Dave, Pat, Mike 3A, 
Frank R., Pete P., D.B., Kenzie, Otto, Mark 
F., Kevin R., Morie A., Katie, Bill E., Pete 
W., AJ, Garret, Preston, Marshall H., 
Marshall W., Leanne, and everyone else you 
know who you are. Good luck to the Class 
of '09! Peace! 

Big Thunda, Sneak King, Best Buy, 4-4. 
Abominable Snowman 

Football 1; Winter Track 1-4; Spring Track 
2-4; Chess Club Captain 3-4; Golf 2-3; 
Math Team 3-4 

"In the anals of history, people will 
remember these three things. The 
discovery of fire, the invention of the 
submarine, and the Flint Michigan Mega 
Bowl." - Jackie Moon 

Thanks to my friends, family, and the bush 
people. Love you AZ. By the time you are 
reading this, Mike Vick might be back on 
the field. Thanks all my good teachers for 
teaching me. Curt Warner rulz. Class of 


Cheerleadingl-3; JSA3-4 

Don't ever let somebody tell you. you can't do 
Dmething. You got a dream, you gotta protect 
. people can't do something themselves they 
'anna tell you, you can't do it. If you want 
jmethinggo get it. Period" - The Pursuit of 

.ove is not Love which alters, when its 
derations find, when life gets hard, when things 
hange, true love remains the same" - One Tree 

\om and Dad- thanks for always being there for 
ie and supporting me in everything I do. My 
rtle swamp monster, you're crazy and annoying 
ut I wouldn't want you any other way. I'm going 
3 miss you tons next year! Mr. C and Ms. Criss, 
lankyou for always being there for me and 
iving me good advice. To my friends, thanks for 
I the laughs and good times. Megan and 
'.ekey. we've had so much fun together. I know I 
an always count on you when I need a shoulder 
3 lean on. Bh. you're outta control!!! Kyle, you 
re my best friend and I love you. I couldn't have 
ptten through high school without you by my 
ide. You've been there with me through thick 
nd thin and I know you always will be. Always 
nd forever. Class of 2009. Good Luck! 


Kellzo, Kel 

Cross Country 1-3; Basketball 1-4; 
Lacrosse 1-2; Yearbook 4 

"We all end in the ocean, we all start in the 
streams, we're all carried all carried along by the 
river of dreams" - Billy Joel 
"If the person you are talking to doesn't appear 
to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that 
he has a small piece of fluff in his ear." - Winnie 
the Pooh 

Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the 
past four years at NHS. Teachers and coaches, 
you've taught me life lessons that will never be 
forgotten. Thanks to my family who's supported 
me my whole life. Mom & Dad, thanks for 
guiding me in the right direction. Tim & Dan- 
love you guys, Shannon- good luck next year, 
have fun and stay out of trouble, love you. And 
obviously thanks to all to all my friends, no idea 
what I would have done without you, especially- 
Nicole, Kristyn, Meghan, Ally- 1 love you guys! 
Good Luck with everything you do. Bill thanks 
for always being there. Spain '08 and everyone 
else, thanks for all the memories. Good luck 
class of 09! It's been fun. 


Drama 1-4; Robotics 1, 3; Film Club 2-4; 
Track 1;JSA 3-4 

"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose 
of human existence is to kindle a light of 
meaning in the darkness of mere being." - 
Carl Yung 

Thank you to all who helped me to grow, 
and also to those who challenged me to do 
so. I have become a stronger person not 
from unbridled support alone, but also from 
those who provided obstacles to 
overcome. Thank you to all my teachers 
who successfully dealt with me, my family 
for supporting me in all my endeavors, and 
my friends for the countless stories. To all 
who read this, never forget your past, it 
makes us who we are. 



Film Club; Robotics; Drama Club; 
Amnesty International; Latin Club 

"People shouldn't be afraid of their 
government, governments ahould be afraid 
of their people" - Code Name V 


Thank you 



Hockey 1-4; Baseball 1-4 

"Do not follow where the path may lead. 
Co. instead, where there is no path and 
leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Its hard to believe that those four years flew 
by that fast. For all the support I have 
gotten I would like to thank my parents, 
brother, my wonderful girlfriend, and friend 
for a great past four years. I couldn't have 
done it without you guys. I'd also like to 
thank the wonderful staff at NHS along witr 
great coaches. Good luck class of '09. 



3 #V 


James McAteer 

Megafart, Meggie 

Track 1; Football 2; Snowboarding 2-3 

"You don't know what you have until it's 


Wow!! Who would've imagine, I never 
thought that I was going to make it so far, 
but it couldn't be possible if I didn't have any 
help or people around me. Thanks t 
everybody who helped me and knowing 
that they didn't have to do it. To my tutors, 
teachers, that had to stay after school to 
give me some bonus points. To my family, 
for the support that I really needed,! thank 
you so much. My brother, wwaazzuupp!! 
Man, thank you so much, you have no idea 
how much you helped me, you are my 
inspiration, my best friend, love you man. 
you pushed me to be a better person. 
Thanks to my family in Guatemala that make 
all the sacrifices for me to be here. Los amo 
con todo mi corazon, Grasias mamay todo 
lo q' havey mi, ;a amo. Te quiro. Specially 
one that helps me every second Good. 

Ski Team 1-4 capt; Field Hockey 2, 4; 
Softball 2-4; Cheerleadingl; Environment 
Club; Invisible Children; Surf Culture 

"What's to say what's impossible, well they 
forgot this world keeps spinning. And with each 
new day I can feel a change in everything... And 
as my mind begins to spread its wings, there's no 
stopping curiosity" - Jack Johnson 

I would first like to thank my family. Thanks to 
Mom & Dad for the encouragement and 
support you have given me, from pushing me to 
do my homework to helping me through these 
rough few years. Thanks Mike for all the fun 
summers at Beachcomber surfing and showing 
me the things that are truly important in life: 
family, believing in yourself & never giving up. 
Thank you Katie for all the crazy weekends in 
New York (Justin Timberlake concert). You 
really have been the greatest sister I could ask 
for. These past years have really shown how 
strong our family is. 

Thank you to all my friends. There's no way I 
could have made it out alive without you guys. 
These years have been unforgettable! I love you 

Good luck everyone! 
Live. Laugh. Love 

Thank you 

~a few 

I 4 ■ ^I^F^ 




Field Hockey 2-4; Drama 3-4; Best 
Buddies 3-4; Peer Ed 3-4 



Cross Country 1-4; Winter Track 2; 
Spring Track 1-4 


Field Hockey 1-4; Ski Team 1-4; 
Lacrosse 1-4 

"Life is not a having and getting, but 
a being and a becoming." - Matthew 

Thank You to Mom, Dad, Colin, 
Morgan, Liam, and Brady for 
constantly supporting me and 
reminding me to work hard. I love 
you all! To my friends, thank you for 
welcoming me to the high school 
and for making my three years here 
truly memorable. Congratulations to 
the Class of 2009, 1 wish you all the 

First of all I want to thank my mom 
and my dad for putting up with me 
and pushing me to the best I could 
do in school. Dad I want to thank 
you for all of the advice you have 
given me throughout my high 
school years. I want to thank all my 
friends for the great times Kyle, 
Dpalm, Toot, Kris, Pierson. I also 
want to thank all my teachers for 
their support and believing in me. 
Thanks class of 2009 and good luck 

"If life were predictable it would 
cease to be life and be without flavc 
" - Eleanor Roosevelt 

Thank you to my family, Mom, Dac 
Chris and Moseley for always being 
there for me. Thanks to all my 
friends, we've had a lot of good 
times through out the years. High 
School in Norwell has been a great 
experience, but it went by way too 
fast. Good Luck next year, Class of 



Cheerleading 1-2; Cross Country 2-3; 
AFS2-3; NHS 3-4 

"Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it 
is gone; and do not be troubled about the 
future, for it has not yet come. Live in the 
present, and make it so beautiful that it will be 
worth remembering." - One Tree Hill 

These last four years at Norwell have flown by; it 
doesn't seem like it's our time to write this, but 
yet here we are. First off, I would like to thank 
my parents for always being there and always 
pushing me. Mom - 1 would've never made it this 
far without you, you are an amazing, strong 
person, whom I admire, and you mean more to 
me than you realize, I love you. Ross - most of 
the time you're obnoxious, but we have fun 
together and you're a great brother. Keep on 
enjoying your life and always strive to do your 
best. Thanks goes to all my friends, we always 
have fun and you have made these last 4 years 
unforgettable. My work friends as well, though 
we come from different towns, we all fit together 
just right, you can always make me laugh, time is 
well spent with you all, and I know I have 
someone to count on. Thanks also to all of my 
teachers for helping me along the way through 
high school. To the class of '09 - its been fun, 
and I wish you all the best in whatever paths you 


Donkey, Donk, Badonkadonk, Ninja, Hide, 
Squints, Stubs, Stumpy, Karate 

Softball 1-4 (Capt.); Chorus 1-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; CSA/Diversity Club 3-4; 
Amnesty International 3 

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent 
about things that matter." - Dr. Martin Luther Kingjr. 
"There's a war going on in your mind. We are the 
insurgents." ■ Flobots 

First of all, I would like to thank all of the teachers that 
have put up with me over the past four years. I know 
that sometimes it's not easy. I would like to specifically 
thank Mr. Jacobs, for challenging me to think and re- 
analyze the way I look at the world, Mr. Swartz, for 
encouraging me to never stop asking questions, and 
Mrs. Cortright, for all of your help, interesting 
conversation, and shared music. I would also like to 
thank Mr. Browne, for putting up with me on the 
varsity softball team for the past three years. It's 
definately been hard. To all my softball girls, thank you 
for being such a great group. You guys have good 
things coming in the future. And to all my friends, 
Derek, Anthony, David, Duka, Mark, Britt, Niki, 
Andrew, Leigh, Boyce, my friends from Hanover, and a 
few others, you guys are amazing. I would be a mess 
without you. Thank you all so much. I love you. And 
finally, to the Class of 2009, good luck in college and 
with your future. 


Ray, Raymoo 
Field Hockey 1; Best Buddies 1 

"There are bad times, but that's okay, just 
look for love in it." - DMB 

Thank you to my family for helping and 
supporting me with all that I do. Thanks to 
my friends for being there and all the good 
times we have had. And to all my teachers 
for challenging me and making high schoo 



BB, Beebs 

Field Hockey 1, 4; Basketball 1-4; Track 2-4; 
Soccer 2; National Honors Society; Invisible 
Children 4; Yearbook 4 

"You only meet your once in a lifetime 
friend - once in a lifetime." - The Little 

Thanks to all my friends Carley, Kyla, Leah, 
Tay, Erin, Michelle, and Emma, I love you 
guys! All of our crazy times has made high 
school truly unforgettable. Kyla - you're 
always up for an adventure no matter what 
it is, thanks for being such a great neighbor 
and an even better friend. Melissa - thanks 
for always being there for me and helping 
me everything, love you! Mom - 1 would 
never have made it this far without you, 
thank you for always believing in me and 
putting up with me, I love you so much! 
Congratulations class of '09 and goodluck 
to 2010! 


Gary, Chocolate Paradise 
Wrestling 2-4; Spring Track 1-4 

"People look at me and go, 'You must have 
it made. You have girls, you have a good 
life.' It's not true. I mean, you pull the 
curtain away, and you see I'm just as 
insecure and neurotic and scared and 
vulnerable as anybody, you know" - John 

Thank you to everyone who made these 
four years at NHS great. Thank you to all of 
my teachers who helped me so much, and 
my friends for everything. Thank you 
Meghan for always being there and for 
being such a great friend. Most of all, thank 
you to my parents for always supporting me 
and pushing me to do my best. 


Lacrosse 1-2; Ski Team 1-2; Peer Ed 3-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 

"If you want it, you can have it, but you 
gotta learn to reach out there and grab it" 


Thank you to everyone who has made 
these four years amazing. Thank you Mom 
for always putting our family first and alway 
being there for me. Dad, thank you for 
always being proud of me and pushing me 
to be the best person I can be. Thank you 
Garrett for being my best friend, and for 
being hilarious. Kelly and Kristyn, we will 
have cake parties forever. Brenda, Paul, 
Nicole, Ally, and Drew, we will be friends 
forever I love you guys! McKenzie, I love 
you, have a great senior year you are my 
sister and you will do amazing things in life. 
Thank you to all the teachers who made m\ 
experience here great! Thank you class of 
'09 goodluck with everything you do! 


Chuck, Newby 

Young Democrats 3-4; Latin Club 3-4; 
Winter Track 1-4; Football 1-2; Baseball 2; 
Golf 2; Bowling; NHS 3-4 

I'm very important . I have many leather- 
lound books and my apartment smells of 
ich mahogony." -Ron Burgundy 

want to thank you Mom, Dad, Peter, 
vX/illow, and Emma for guiding and 
;upporting me these last four years. I'm so 
jcky to have such a great family. Next I 
want to thank all of my great friends for 
getting me through high school with all the 
great times we've had together. I want ot 
give a big thanks to all of my teachers for 
)utting up with all of my absences. My time 
it NHS has gone by quicker than I could 
lave possibly imagined and I couldn't have 
; pent it with a better bunch of kids. I hope 
o keep in touch with you all. Best wishes 
Ilass of '09. 






Art Club 1-4; NHS 3-4; French Honor 

"I believe that imagination is stronger than 
knowledge - myth is more potent han 
history - dreams are more powerful than 
facts - hope always triumphs over 
experiences - laughter is the cure forgief- 
love is stonger than death." -Robert 

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for all your love 
and support. Thank you, Patrick fro being a 
great brother. I also want to thank all of my 
teachers, as well as my friends, for helping 
me throughout the years at NHS. 




Swiming 1-4; Student Government 1-4; 
Peer Ed 3-4; NHS 3-4 

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if 
you'll die today." - James Dean 

I want to thank my family for all of your 
support throughout high school. Mom and 
Dad- You are the best paremts I could ask 
for and I appreciate everything you've done 
for me. Brian- Good luck in high school, I 
hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Clare - 
you still have a long way to go, but enjoy it 
because it flies by. Remember I'm always 
here for you guys if you need anything. 
Thanks to my friends, high school wouldn't 
have been the same without you. 
Congratulations and Good Luck Class of 


JSWJoLeJoL Joel, Jolly, Jolly Bear, 
JollabillisJBS, Ross, Johnny Blue Shorts 

Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Track 1; 
Lacrosse 2-4; Snowboard Club 1-4 (capt.); 
JSA 4; Bowling Club 2-4; Surf Culture 4; 
Invisible Children 4 

"The happy man's without a shirt." -Jon Heywood 

It's crazy how fast this flew by. I wanna thank my mom 
and my dad for putting up with me and raising me so 
well. Pat and Kel for being the best siblings possible. 
Smelly. Smell. Thanks you Ms. Criss for turning 
our goofball class into real students. You were the 
teacher we could always count on to turn to, and I 
wouldn't trade our class for anything in the world. Jim 
and Marsh thanks for being there for me every year 
through everything. Adam Bros forever, Peggoty is 
our home. James your biceps are huge, O-Bo lets go 
fishing all summer Brah. Taizeryour the nicest girl I 
know, thanks for being such a good friend. Kyla I'll buy 
your mom a new bathing suit. Emma I love your mom. 
Carley you're always the life of the crowd. Michelle 
you're such a great person I can only aspire to be as 
kind as you are. To my fresh bids you know who you 
are I love you. Football and Lax Bros, I'll never forget 
you. Baby Sis, Big Bro is always going to have your 
back. Lynn you're a strong individual who will do great 


Cassie, Cass, CassANDra, Cassiejean 

Gymnastics 1-4 (capt.) ;Soccer 1-2; Lacrosse 1: 
Track 2; Cross Country 3; JSA; Surf Culture; 
Best Buddies 

"Because the truth is it was the best of times. Mistakes 
were made, hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned 
but all that has receded into fondmemory now. How 
does it happen? Why are we so quick to forget the ba< 
and romanticizes the good. Maybe it's because we 
need to believe that the time we spent together 
actually emant something. That we were there for eac. 
other in a time in our lives that defined us all. that time 
in our lives that we will never forget." ■ Dawson's 

Finally it's our turn! To that Class of '09 much love & 
best of luck next year! I would like to thank: Miss V. fc 
always putting up with me, Mrs. Field for helping me 
realize it's my time to grow up. To the rest of my 
teachers for always hoping for the best in me. To my 
ladies and gents for showing what it really means to 
laugh. I love you all! Leigh for being a sister to me. An 
especially my family. Mom thanks for always being my 
biggest fan and pushing me farther than I thought I 
could ever go. You've taught me so well so don't 
worry. Dad for being right there with her. Craig for 
always being the big brother I can go to for anything 
and everything. Kyle for being my crazy little brother 
who makes me laugh, don't take anything for granted 
and learn from your mistakes. And last but not least 
NHS for showing me the most incredible years of my 




"In my opinion, the best thing you can do is 
to find a person who loves you exactly what 
you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, 
pretty, handsome, what you have, the right 
person will still think that the sun shines out 
your **'*. That's the kind of person that's 
worth sticking with." - Juno 


Eloise, Roo 

Drama 1-4; Newspaper 1-4; Best Buddies 1- 
2; Halyard 1-2; Field Hockey 1-4; Peer Ed 3- 
4; NHS 3-4; Dance Team 4; Art Club 4 

"Dance is not an answer. Dance is a question. 
"Yes!" is the answer." - Unknown 
"Now is the time. Needs are great, but your 
possibilities are greater." -Bill Blacksmith 

Wow, I can't explain how fast the years have 
gone by but I'm thankful for every moment. 
Mom & Dad -thanks for pushing me to find my 
passion and always supporting the many things I 
do! Mr.Pap & Ms. Noiseux -thanks for teaching 
me to see the world in a new light. Mr. Lacy - 
thanks for all you have taught me about drama 
and about life. Liz & Leigh -love you girls and 
thanks for always being there for me! Dance girls 
-love you all and thanks for everything! Thanks 
to everyone I didn't say -you're all great! '09 - 
good luck in the coming years! 10 enjoy your 
last year, it goes by faster than you'd think 




Hay, Hayles. cm 

Field Hockey 2-4; Drama 1-2 

/ can say I hope it will be worth what I give 
i p. If I could stand up mean for all the 
hings that I believe." 

Fhank you everyone for making my 4 years 
tmazing. Ladies - I'll miss you so much. Liz, 
vhat can I say, I wouldn't have made it 
vithout you. SK you're amazing. BJB - haha 
love you B. LC (Mom) thanks for the 
guidance. Meg thanks for always being 
here in the clutch. I love you Mom & Jerry. 
I~hank you for your patience. BROOKE! 
: REEBOM! Hagoodluck Paige. We made 
t 09! 




Riss, Rissa, Mariss, Sissy 

Cross Counrty 1-2; Basketball 1-3; 
Math Team 1-4; Student Government ' 
NHS 3-4; Invisible Children 4 

Be who you are and say what you feel becuase 

hose who mind don't matter and those who 

natter don't mind" - Dr. Seuss 

I'm what I am and I'm not what I'm not. and I'm 

■ore happy with what I've got, I live to love and 

wgh a lot, and that's all I need." 

Kenny Chesney 

)ad -Thanks for pushing me and always 
ncouraging me. You were always right. Mom - 
"hanks for being such a fab fashion advisor and, 
exondly such an amazing mom. You 
mderstand me like no one else. Kyle -You're a 
;reat kid. Work hard and have fun, baby brother, 
wish I could be around to see you grow up. 
Ihris -Thanks for showing me who I really am 
nd teaching me how to love. You are absolutely 
mazing and I love you so much. To all my 
"lends -YOU are what made high school fun; I 
iope the best for you in the future. Lozan - 
'hanks for putting up with me for 3 years. Class 
if *09 -You are great kids who do amazing 
hmgs. Follow your dreams and be true to 
ourself. Good luck and best wishes. 
Jnderclassmen- Get involved, get to know new 
ieople, work hard, and HAVE FUN! It goes by 
o fast. 

Max, Todd the Pretzel, Selbinator, Selbs, 
Tibbies, Ibbles the Tongue-Wagging 
Boogiecake, Roxanne, T-Selb 

Cross Country 1-4; Swimming 2; Latin Club 
1-4; Math Team 2-4; Drama 2-4; Film Club 
2-4; Amnesty International 3-4; NHS 3-4 

"I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in 
the universe." -Jango Fett 
"Diligence is a good thing but taking things easy 
is much more restful." - Mark Twain 

I cannot think of where to begin my thanking. 
First of all, thanks to all of my friends for always 
being there and putting up with me for all of 
these years. Ah. good times down at the bayou. 
Anyways, I hope we all remain friends after high 
school and continue to share memorable and 
somewhat embarrassing memories. I would like 
to thank all of my teachers and coaches for 
testing my limits and challenging me in ways I 
couldn't have thought possible. Rosann thanks 
for letting me chase my dreams, you really have 
made a difference in my life. Adam, Alie thanks 
for being the best siblings a little brother could 
ask for, you two have been such huge influences 
throughout my entire life. My biggest thanks go 
to my parents, I couldn't have got to where I am 
today without you guys, I love you! We rocked 
the house, Class of '09, let our legacy never die! 

Bridge, BShea, Bridgey, Shea 
Cross Country; Track 

"Its been a wild ride, I wouldn't change a 
minute, I can't slow down inside, Guess 
that's why I live it." - 311 

First of all I would like to thank my parents 
for raising me and making me the person I 
am today, I love you. Colleen, thanks for 
being there and helping me you're amazing, 
I love you. Maeve, you will go so far and be 
successful! I am always here, I love you. 
Mrs. Field and Mrs. Ingeme, or Gem, thanks 
for pushing me you two are great. Cuerra, 
Emily, Jennifer, you girls are amazing I love 
you! Kyle, DanDan, Micky, Jack and 
everyone else you are the best friends 
anyone could ever wish. Etav, where to 
start you have made me the happiest 
person in the world, I love you. We finally 
made it! Class '09 Good Luck! Peace. 


Kay Kay, Kay 
Cheerleading 1-2 

I'd like to thank my parents for always being 
with me for every step of the way, and for 
being great role models, and always 
supporting the decisions I make. You mean 
a lot to me. Thanks Raymond for not only 
looking out for me as my big older brother, 
but also for being one of my best friends. 
High school wouldn't have been the same 
without you. Thanks Jenn for being an 
awesome older sister, I'd love to be just like 
you. Thanks Nina and Anya for being my 
best friends for 8 years now. S4L. Nothing 
can ever break us apart. Thanks Kiersten for 
supporting me through everything and 
being a great best friend. I love you 3 so 
much and I hope our friendship only grows 
stronger. Kayla and Cassie, I don't know 
what I'd do without you guys! I love you! 
Thanks Pete for being like a second dad to 
me! I love you all very much! Good luck 
class of '09 


Kyle, Ky 

"Do not look back and grieve over the past, 
for it is gone; and do not be troubled about 
the future, for it has not come yet. Live in 
the present, and make it so beautiful that it 
will be worth remembering." - Ida Scott 

Wow I can't believe the class of '09 finally 
made it. It really has flown by. I'd like to 
thank my family, Mom, Dad, and Sara, 
thanks for always supporting me. I know I 
was a lot to put up with. Tay, Carley, 
Emma, Michelle, BB, and Leah. ..there is 
way too much to say... I am going to miss 
you all so much next year. Christos, thank 
you for being my oldest friend. Saniuk • 
thanks for always being there when I 
needed someone to talk to... I definately 
wouldn't have made it through these 4 
years without you. Mr. Swartz and Nursey, 
thanks for all the help you've given me over 
the years. Class of 2008, high school 
wouldn't have been the same without you. , 
NHS, its been fun! 


Alex, Al, Alexia 

Best Buddies 1-4; Field Hockey 1-4; 
Gymnastics 2-4; Art Club 4 

"There's a big world out there. Bigger than prom, 
bigger than high school, and it won't matter if you wet 
the prom queen or the quarterback of the football 
team or the biggest nerd. Find out who you are and tr 
not to be afraid of it." - Author Unknown 

I'd like to start off by thanking my Mom and Dad. Moi 
even though we had our tiffs I will always love you anc 
Dad I will always be your little girl or how you would 
say it "your darlin'" I love you. Zach- it's been rough nc 
having you around this year. Matt-be good and good 
luck being the only child. Cassie-too many time to talk 
about. From 7 11 late at night, ice cream, following the 
arrows in Marshfield and dance parties we always knov 
how to have a good time. You have been my rock anc 
I love you more than anything. CLEAN YOU'RE 
ROOM! Katie-You are my favorite people. Thank you 
forjudging me even when I say the most redic things. 
Mich-you inspire me to be a better person. Brittany-ya 
cute. Brenda-TSWIFT. Kayla S-best dancer I know. 
Meg&Hayley-field hockey. ..nuff said. Dennis-so many 
good times at work. Brittany and Cory-good luck next 
year! VIKKI I'LL MISS YOU! Kenzi-skillz for life. Schad 
thanks for everything. You have helped me so much. 
Finally, to the class of 2009 good luck. 



Smitty. Dub Chee, Smit the Dit, White 
Lightning, Tom da Bomb, Tommy Tsunami 

"Don't give up, don't ever give up"- Jim 

Let your dreams stay big, worries stay 
small, hope you never need to carry more 
than you can hold" - Rascal Flatts 

Hey everyone, can't believe it's over, no 
doubt the best four years of my life. Mom 
and Dad- can't thank you enough for 
dealing with me and weekly calls from 
administration. Love you guys and I always 
will. Ky- can't count the good times, only 
advice for you is to not change cuz you're 
going places. Leah- keep getting the 
grades, you'll regret not getting them 
TRUST ME. Stay the road ur on and you'll 
be all set. Erin- marry rich, jk, develop 
study habits and stay organized. Outside 
of school, you're the funniest and nicest 
person in our family, just don't change 
Erin. As for friends, Cory- thanks for 
everything, always there to talk to. DB and 
CM- road trip!!! DS and TF- Good times 
guys. KM and PR- best week of my life. 
Love you guys. 

Stufis, Astephanitus. Spewsa 

Band 1-4; Pep Band 1-4; Amnesty 1-4; Art 
Club 2-4 

"Love makes you do the wacky." ■ Buffy 

Thank you to my parents who have helped me 
out and put up with me for so long. To my 
cousins Jill and Megan, you guys are crazy and I 
love you to death. Thanks for always being my 
best friends and my sisters. Thanks to my 
teachers especially Mr. O'Briant, Mr. Goniatis, 
Mr. Swartz, Madame Doyle, Ms. Vernacchio, 
and Mr. Anthony who went out of their way to 
make me love their class. To all my friends 
graduating with me, I love you with a passion. 
Thanks for being insanely amazing. Rachel 
Stanton you will always be my hero. Tori 
Richardson you have been my friend since 
kindergarten and that's never going to change. 
To my underclassmen friends: Zach, Nathaniel, 
Monica. Maria, Chandler. Kelsey, Lauren, Emma, 
Connor, Tristan. Richie, enjoy the rest of high 
school! You all know you're visiting me at 
college because I will miss you too much! Good 
luck everyone. I'll miss you. I know you'll do 
great things. Peace. Love. Santi. 

Art Club 1-4; Space Cadets 4; Amnesty 4 

"You don't have a soul you are a soul, you 
have a body." - C.S. Lewis 

I would like to thank my family for always 
believing in me. Thank you Mom and Dad 
for supporting me. You have both taught 
me a lot. Marykate, even though we may be 
opposites, I have always looked up to you 
and you have been a great role model. 
John, you are very smart and will have a 
great time in high school. Thank you to my 
friends for being there for me. Rachel, you 
have been such a great and trustworthy 
friend. I will be sure to visit you in art school 
so we can make our vegan, gluton-free, 
Boston Cream pie. Stephanie, you are 
wonderful and don't forget it! Caroline, 
thank you for being absolutely insane! Ally, 
you always get what I'm talking about and I 
don't know what I'd do without you. Thank 
you everyone! 


It is amazing to look at the amount of 
growth and progression this class has gone 
through. I wish everyone to have a clear 
and successful future. To my family - thank 
you for pushing me to become the person I 
am and supporting me throughout the 
years I love you all dearly. To my friends - 
thank you for being amazing people and 
inspirational. Expect the mailman to pay a 
visit with my thank you's. 


"Life is like a ride on a freeway, dodging 
bullets while you're trying to find your way 
- The Offspring 

I want to thank everyone that has made th< 
past four years unforgettable. My friends 
have always been there for me - thank you 
Bri I couldn't have done without 
you. ..Serena you've also been a great frien 
to me. You are both fantabulousL.good 
times. Loves ya girls! Thanks to Mrs. 
Plassmann and Nursie who both helped m 
so much this past year and just for being 
there when I needed to talk. My two older 
brothers, James and Chris ... thanks for 
being my "Big Brothers" and watching out 
for your little sis. Chris ... forever in my 
heart! We could always laugh together! A 
big thanks to my Mom and Dad! You two 
have always been there and helped me 
become who I am today ... Love you guys 
... you're the best! Best of luck '09. Thanks 
for all the memories. Later... 

** ■ 


Stinejustiney, Justin 

Film Club 2-3; Latin Club 1-4; Art Club 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; Field Hockey 2-4; Ski Team 2- Soccer; Lacrosse; 

Amnesty 2-4; Drama 1-4 4; AFS 1-4; Best Buddies 1-4; Latin Club 1-4; Girl's Varsity Basketball Manager 

Peer Ed 3-4 

Thank you to everyone who made my high 
school experience something I'll never forget. 
Mom- Thanks for always being there when I 
needed you the most. Through late nights and 
weeks of sickness you never left my side. Dad- 
thanks for never missing a game, you'll always be 
my favorite coach. Caroline- thanks for being the 
best big sister and role model I could ask for, I 
would not have made it through high school 
without you. I love you all so much! Thanks to 
all my friends who have made these past four 
years truly remarkable. All the laughs, tears, 
endless nights, and the joys we shared have been 
the best times of my life. All of you have made a 
huge impact on my life, and have given me the 
best memories possible. I will always remember 
you guys. To all my lacrosse girls, thank you for 
the two most unforgettable seasons, I love you 
all! Finally, thank you to all my teachers and 
coaches that have pushed me to become my 
best possible self. Good luck and 
Congratulations Class of 2009! 


Leanney, Leansta, Lean, Tajima 

Things will get worse before they get better, but when 

hey do, remember who put you down and who 

wiped you up" ■ Brandon Boyd 

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned 

ibout life: It goes on." - Robert Frost 

Look around and choose your own ground. For long 

/ou live and high you fly. and smiles you'll gve and 

ears you'll cry. And all you touch and all you see, is all 

/our life will ever be." ■ Pink Floyd 

JVell it's been an unforgettable 4 years in NHS. but we 
did it! A very big thank you to my Mom. who knew 
.omeone could have a heart so big? You have always 
:ncouraged me to be the best I can be. I could never 
hank you enough for everything. Kara/Kath- Tajima 
jirls always stick together. You taught & always 
offered me a hand throughout my devil years of 
growing up. I love you. Tori- my partner in crime. You 
ilways manage to put a smile on my face. You're 
beautiful inside & outside, don't let anyone tell you 
different. Nicole/Marshall- I can always count on you 
5c throughout everything we have been through. I just 
want to say thank you both for everything. Emily- crazy 
mes. Remember: "Don't do anything I wouldn't do" I 
ove ya blub. Schad- Can't say enough to thank you for 
-verything. You have always pushed me & made me 
relieve I can do & be anything I want. Thank you for 
never giving up. Alex- It's been a long past couple of 
/ears, but we made it. I can't be thankful enough for 
saving you in my life. Thank you for making me a 
setter person. You have such a big heart & understand 
Tie better than anyone. You'll always be a part of me. 
And to the rest of my friends, thanks for the countless 
nemories. Best of luck to the Class of 09. let's hold 
jnto these memories as they pass & make it the best. 

5kT i ^ 1 \ 

4 ? — ^ » 


Ty, Tyty. Dasch, 7 -Money 

Art Club 1-4 VP 3-4; Snowboard Club 2-3; 
Film Club 2-4; Latin Club 1-4 Co-President 
3-4: Amnesty INternational 1-4; Jazz Band 2, 
4; Astronomy Club Co-Pres/Co-founder 

"If you can't find something to live for, you 
better find something to die for" - Afeni 

I would like to thank my parents for their 
love and support, I would also like to thank 
my brother, Nick, for being a good role 
model. I could not have survived high 
school without my good friends, thank you 
guys for making each day interesting. Good 
luck class of 2009, it has been a great 
experience, all of you guys are awesome! 


Field Hockey 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Peer Ed 3-4, 
NHS 3-4, Best Buddies 1-4JSA 3-4 

"Life's tough, get a helmet." - Boy Meets 

First I want to thank my family, Mom and 
Dad, you've always been there for me and 
helped me with everything. Eliza, you're a 
great big sis, thanks for everything. To all 
my friends, you are the greatest and I don't 
know what I would've without you. To my 
teachers, especially Mr. C. and Ms. Schad 
thanks for all of your support. Best wishes 
and good luck class of '09. 



Football 1; Wrestling 1-2; Tennis 1; Golf 1 Thank You 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my 
parents and my sister for all their help and 
support. I would like to thank my friends for 
making my high school years so much fun. I 
would like to thank Mrs. Boyer for giving 
me guidance when it was needed, whether I 
knew I needed it or not. I would like to 
thank Mr. Jacobs for making history more 
exciting than it had ever been. I would like 
to thank Ms. Plassman for all her help in 
what was the two toughest years of math. 
Lastly, I would like to thank the 
administration for helping me and aiding me 
throughout my time at Norwell High 

Good luck for the rest of '09! 

Kristian Tedeschi 

Thank You 


Kaydizzle. Kay. TaTa 
Softball 1-2; Winter Cheer 1-2 

want to thank my amazing Mom for 
everything you have done for me. Thank 
/ou for all your love and support 
:hroughout the years. If it wasn't for you, I 
wouldn't have gotten to where I am today. I 
ove you so much, you are the best mom in 
:he whole wide world. :) Thank you 
Samantha and Noah for being the best 
sister and brother I could ever have. I love 
/ou both so much. I also want to thank my 
grandparents for all your love and support 
:hroughout the years. You are the best 
grandparents ever. Finally, I want to thank 
ny friends VyVy, Amanda, Ashley, and Katie 
r or all the amazing times we had together. I 
vish you all the best of luck with the rest of 
NHS. I'm gonna miss you guys so much. 
Oh, I almost forgot to thank my dog, 
Brady, for always loving me. LOL : ) So 
rhank you everyone for making my high 
school memories amazing and 
unforgettable. I love you all so much. 


KT, Prez, Kage, KyKy, Keal, Phelps 

Swim Team 1-2 (Captain Sophomore); 
Spring Track 1; Cross Country 1-2; Film Club 
4; Invisible Children 4 

"Don't take life too seriously. You'll never 
get out of it alive." - Elbert Hubbard 

First off, I would like to thank my parents 
for everything they have done for me over 
the past 18 years. You are my biggest 
supporters and I appreciate everything you 
have done, whether it is school-related or 
not. Secondly, I would like to thank all of 
my NHS's teachers who have gotten me this 
far, especially Ms. Vernacchio and my 
homeroom teacher Mr. Swartz. And finally, 
my friends. Without you guys I don't know 
what I'd do. We've had so much fun these 
past years, good luck next year. Kaela, these 
past four years have been amazing. High 
school is a lot easier when your best friend 
is your girlfriend. To my graduating 
classmates of 2009, Congratulations and 
Good luck! 

PJ, Paul Jewnz, Pee), Peach 
Soccer 1-4; Track 2-3; Winter Track 2-3 

"Today is yesterday's tomorrow." 

To my family Bryan, Andrew, Mom and 
Dad thanks for always being there for me. 
Thank You to all the teachers and coaches 
who have helped me along the way. To all 
my friends, thank you for all the good times 
Good Luck Class of 2009 


Cross Country 1-4 (capt.); Indoor Track 1- 
4; Spring Track 1-4; Student Government 2- 
4; NHS 3-4; Peer Ed 3-4; Yearbook 4 

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly 
trying to make you something else is the 
greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo 

Thanks Mom for raising me to be the 
person I am today. You have been my 
greatest supporter and I am so thankful to 
be you daughter. Alii and Holly I cannot 
have asked for two better sisters. You are 
my best friends and no one will ever replace 
you. Good luck with the rest of high 
school! To my teachers and coaches, thank 
you for pushing me beyond my greatest 
exspectations, I am forever grateful. To the 
XC group and Italy, thank you for all the 
adventures and memories. To all of my 
friends, I will never forget the crazy times we 
have had together. Congratulations to the 
Class of '09, life has just begun. May you 
find success and happiness in all that you 



Tennis 1-4 (capt); Basketball 1; Golf 1 

"One important key to success is self-confidenc 
An important key to self-confidence is 
preparation." - Arthur Ashe 

I'd like to shout out to all my friends that have always 
been there for me, and the ones that I've had a roug 
time with, I happy we are tight again. I wouldn't be 
where I am without you guys. We've has so many 
good times together, don't think I can fit them all, bu 
you know what they are. Hope we never split apart 
when college comes & hope we have many more 
memorable memories together! Mom & Dad Thank; 
for everything you did to get me to where I am. 
Without you I wouldn't be the man I am today. And 
without your dedication & hardwork I wouldn't have 
been as successful as I've been & am. Don t worry I v* 
make you both proud in life & never let you down 
because what you both have taught me "Nothing is 
impossible". I love you both! Jenna • thanks for being 
the best sister a brother could ask for, I never really 
appreciate everything you've done for me. Last but n< 
least, I'd like to thank my tennis coach Mr. Swartz for 
sticking with me from day one & turning me into the 
player I am today. Keep the league champ going. 
Good Luck to the Class of 2009 & hope you all 
succeed to the heights! 


Do yon l$&n&\ih& 

Celtic Gampionrkp 2008 ... GUCRRRAA ... WarUgton DC in 
8tb grade ... Rugrats ... Ms. N/ernaccbio ... Oorvzo ... TUT itanic 
reindictment during the whale watch ... tbemed Thursdays ... when everqone got 
kicked out of the libraru, ... wnen the kids- in Africa head a spike fight ... 
j— resbman qear, Dodger snowed up to soccer trqouts late in bis flower shorts ... 
TUP rencbies ... wnen there was going to be a lockdown sophomore qear ... 
NJ - IS l_ax State Champs ... Spain 08 ... Camp "Bourn 

Pokemon ... black top recess ... one, two, three, | love mtjslef ... Beanie Babies ... 
flouride r—i°id<5iLjs ... middle school chorus ... Italq 07.... middle school dances ... 

s-crunchies ... Snick--- jellies ... field daijs ... ring pops ... | ittle Bear ••• clock 

buddies ... silent lunch ... f— urbies ... N SYNC ••• Legends of the |— |idden 
Temple ... Spice C'^ls" ... book fairs ... Babies ... star of the week .... f- igure 
it Out ... Ave You A^id of the Dark? ... So Weird ... AH that ... 
Catdog ... Bou, Meets ^^^orld ... Marq |<^ate and /^sbleu, ... -f— ull j— |ouse ... 
Canobie |_ake Park ... birtbdau, books ... Discovert} 7one ... Culla Culla 
|?land ... Sailor Moon ... J-|e 4 Arnold ... Bill |\| 4 e tne S cience Guu, ... Magic 
School Bus ... |m rubber and qoure glue, whatever ljou satj bounces off me and 
sticks to 40U ... Slip n Slide ... Power [gangers ... C^aPet ... Macarena ... 
Talk to the hand cause the face doesnt care ... Opposite Dau, ... Rocket 
Power ... A^hur ... ^^hen Dan Cox wore all white ... wakeu, wakeu, 




Song " "Disturbia 

"Band/ Artist - Taujior S<ojifr 

Actress - Aon© itatb^KJau) 
Tjestaurant - Uno's 
Hoviie - "Dark knigb"l~ 
Actor - tfeatb Ledger 

T.V Sbo<oJ - Gossi-p Girl 
"B00K -Tojiligbt Series 

Clothing Store - AMGrican "Eagle 

k\t)5 "cotton 'pbras©" - Legit \ 

Girl Trend Xteq - dggs 
"Bou) Trend Xteq - Tiqs 

s ' 



We ^t^UeJl 

s^M^r <juf\^ 7 

"Why are they late to school. .every single day!?" 
- Mr. Devine 

"They are all wicked pretty" - Camryn Shaw 

"They are always in Ms. Whiting's room" 
- Michaela Bucca 

Gertie £*ei\u^r 
cJa£*£> iw £>i\e w<srJL 

"Talented" - Kristina Giliberti 

"Loud" - Mr. Kitchen 
"Rambunctious" - Jill Skinner 

s*&\i&r W^ 7 

"Theme Thursday" - Paul Donovan 

"Their cockiness" - Aonymous 

"There's too many good looking ones to pick from" - 

"Legit" - Georgia Hegner 
"Frosh bids" - Andrew Umbrianna 
"Fresh meat" - Jackie Perron 

UAv^d Well j<nj ia\U^ ia\(^V 

"Their energy" - Racheal Patrolia 
"Their singing voices" - Ms. Cortright 
"Tom Smith" - Pat Johnston 

"Carley McManus" - Laura McPherson 
"Bri Geary" - Blair McGreenery 
"Kyla Silk" - Anonymous 



Senior 5u-pGrlatiUG5 



Senior Strp©rla+iUG5 

Senior 5u-pcrlativi©5 


Senior S<rpGrlcrf-i<JG5 


§©Oior Sirp©rla1iu©5 

L / 

• ^^^^ 


Mrs. Cratchits 

6piHt Wedc 

JV Fall Sports 


The golf team had 
another successful 
season, winning the 
South Shore League 
title. The team was led 
by senior captain Kris 
Mcintosh and junior Eric 
Scott. The team, 
composed of many 
juniors, will combine 
with the promising 
sophomore teammates 
moving up from JV for 
the 2009 season. 

Back Row: Sean Murphy, Kris Mcintosh, Parker Merritt, Matt Argiro 
Front Row: Rob Bigger, Doug Kauff, Tom Smith, Eric Scott. 


This season the team was 
led by senior captains 
Josh Adams. Forrest 
Detwiler. Mike Lodigiani, 
and Dan VanLeuvan. 
Despite the fact that the 
team lost many seniors 
and were plagued with 
injuries throughout the 
season, they showed 
determination and played 
several tight games. The 
football team will 
continue to improve with 
some talented 
underclassmen and 
Coach Sullivan is looking 
forward to next year. 

Back Row: Nick Cannone, David Regan, Evan O'Meara, Tom Garvey, Nick Daley, Ty Sheedy, Ryan 
Vaughn, Harry Detwiler, Chris McGrath. Fourth Row: Brett Bernard, Jonathan McNamee, Ted Greene, 
Stephen Dickey, Colin Duffney, Adrian Chavez, Zach Tehrani, Matt Dromeshauser. Third Row: Mike 
Fanning, Tim Breen, AJ DeBenedictis, Dan Regan, Dom Wooten, Matt Kwasnik, Wes Linehan, CJ 
Witcher, Chris Greene. Second Row: Nick Lyle, Jon O'Leary, Marshall Haskins, Mike Fiore, Matt Geogan.j 
Christian Mclnnis, James Waters, Alex Toomey. Front Row: Josh Adams, Forrest Detwiler, Dan 
VanLeuvan. Not pictured: Mike Lodigiani 


Back Row: Madison Willis, Alicia Reggiannini, McKenzie Cunniff, 
Gayle Foley, Victoria Gacicia, Laura Kardok. Third Row: Nina Burns, 
Rachel Hearn, Laura Farinick, Sarah Harding, Sam Casey, Alexa 
Kourafas, Julie Roberts. Second Row: Vikki Pagnini, Michelene 
Hearn, Cassie Pacella, Maeve Shea. Front Row: Kay la Chatfield, Liz 

The Fall varsity cheerleaders had an 
outstanding season overcoming many 
obstacles using dogged determination 
to win awards. The 27 member Fall 
Varsity Cheer squad placed, 4th at 
the Newton North Invitational in 
October, advancing to place 2nd at 
the Braintree High School 
Invitational. During the South Shore 
League competition, the team beat 
their long standing rivals Abington 
High School and placed 3rd for the 
League out of 12 teams. This win 
advanced them to the South 
Regional Competition in Taunton. 
Here the girls placed 3rd again and 
were just a few points shy of 
advancing to the Massachusetts State 
Tournament. The girls attend every 
Football game to cheer on the 
Varsity team. This was an amazing 
squad and a successful season. Go 

m Ik \ 


Boys' Cross Country 

The boys' cross country 
team had a successful 
season despite new 
competition in a strong 
league. Led by captains Tim 
Dalferro and Pete Bailey, 
the team finished with an 
overall 1-5 record. Despite 
racing against seasoned 
runners from East 
Bridgewater and Abington, 
both Tim Dalferro and Pete 
Bailey received all-star 
recognition. With only three 
seniors leaving, the boys 
cross country team looks 
towards the younger runners 
for another successful 
season next year. 

Back Row:Wilton Childs, Todd Selby, Andrew McDonald, David 
Tobin, Coach Martin. Second Row: Tyler Price, Steven McClelland, 
Michael Day, Dereck Cyr. Front Row: Pete Bailey and Tim Dalferro. 

Girls' Cross Country 

The girls' cross country team 
had yet another outstanding 
season, finishing 6-0 for their 
twelfth consecutive league 
championship. Captains Clare 
Murphy and Nicole Weiler led 
the strong varsity team made 
up of runners from all grades. 
Newcomer Shannon Ferguson, 
a seasoned runner from Ohio, 
joined the team and was just 
one second away from breaking 
the Norwell course record. 
Although the team was just one 
place shy of advancing on to 
the All State Meet, the team 
looks forward to another 
successful season next year. 

3ack Row: Emily Palmer, Laura McPherson, Liz Hurley, Rachael 
A/olfson, Abigail Callahan, Coach Martin. Second Row: Megan 
Darmody, Shannon Ferguson, Liz Driscoll, Kathy Callahan, Lisa 
-towers, Katie Howard. Front Row: Clare Murphy and Nicole Weiler. 

Boys' Soccer 

The Boys Soccer team 
enjoyed yet another 
successful season as well 
as another trip to the 
MIAA tournament. Led 
by captains Nick Carton, 
Bryan Carton and Owen 
Cox, Norwell received the 
21 seed and successfully 
upset the 1 2 and 5 seeds 
respectively. The season 
ended in heartbreak 
fashion in a highly 
contested battle royal 
where the boys fell just a 
little short. 

Back Row: Patrick Birmingham, KC Lewis, Coach Browne, Olivia Huie, Coach 
Lawson. Third Row: Phil Johnson, Tim Healy, Jake Campbell, Nathaniel Bates, 
John Flaherty, Jason Connolly, Curtis Webb. Second Row: Dodger Scheller, Pat 
Collins, PJ Tribuna, Bobby Stravinsky, Bryan Carton, Owen Cox, Ahmed Ziad. Front 
Row: Mike Kelly, Tony Ferzoco, Nick Carton, Brendan Kennedy, Connell Ainslie, 
Nick Papadopoulos. 

Girls' Soccer 

Back Row: Kelly Duffy, Laura Dargon, Allie DeBenedictis, Kathleen 
Doyle, Caitlin Collins, Alii Weiler, Hillary Kitchen, Darci Vierra. Middle 
Row: Ashley Donlan, Haley Demarco, Emily Flynn, Rebecca 
Hatheway, Kara O'Connell, Jill Sheeran, Cory Conley. Front Row: 
Laura Ferzoco, Emma Erickson, Molly Lodigiani, Kate MacDonald, 
Krista Prouty, Brooke Alman, Coach Emerson. 

The girls' soccer team had 
a very successful season. 
Most importantly, the 
team had a great time 
with lots of fun in both 
practices and games. 
Along the way, the team 
was able to capture it's 
6th straight South Shore 
League Championship. 
Led by captains Emily 
Flynn, Kate MacDonald, 
and Kara O'Connell, the 
team enjoyed competing 
in the South Sectional 
MIAA championship 
round. We wish good luck 
to our seniors Emily Flynn 
and Emma Erickson. 
They will really be missed 
next year. 

Field Hockey 

This season the 
team was led by 
captains Aly Price, 
Justine Sullivan, 
Carley McManus, 
and Michelle 
Devilly, along with 
fourteen other 
seniors. The team 
had improved its 
record and got 
tougher on offense 
with the teams' first 
boy playing the 
field. Field Hockey 
had a really 
entertaining season 
this year! 

Back Row: Ms. Schad, Katie Tavares, Alyssa Gunville, BB Murphy, 
Caroline Barry, Haley Richards, Liz Dwyer, Matt Dromeshauser. Second 
Row: Maggie Hynes, Molly Broderick, Julia Napolitano, Kara McGrath, 
Meg Matarazzo, Elise Pelletier, Nicole Harper, Molly McDevitt. Front 
Row: Michelle Devilly, Justine Sullivan, Alison Price, Carley McManus. 

Winter Sports- JV Teams 

Swim and Dive Team 

Led by captains Adrienne 
O'Leary, Clare Murphy, 
Heidi Gordon, Maggie Hynes 
and Dan Cladwell the NHS 
Swim and Dive team had a 
very successful season. With 
the addition of many talented 
freshman and sophomore 
swimmers the team held their 
own against team such as 
Randolph and Quincy. The 
boys relay team of Foucart, 
Hebert, MacDonald, and 
Caldwell even competed in 
the state finals. Junior Ruth 
Westergard, the teams onely 
diver, finished with an 
impressive third place in the 
MIAA State Meet. 

In no particular order: Dan Caldwell, Shane Carey, Mike Day, 
Anthony DeMatteo, Tristan Elliot, Ian Fleser, Corbin Foucart, 
Alex Hebert, Stephen Herling, Chris Largent, Kevin 
Lawrence, Peter McDonald, Charlie McKitrick, Brandon 
Morrison, Kaleb Rogers, Gabe Stern Morales, Zack Tehrani, 
Devin Uhlman, James Wrick, Kim Baranowski, Laura Barrett, 
Rachael Carillo, Megan Cavano, Lauren Connaughton, Ashley 
Donlon, Kathryn Duggan, Coleen Fitzgibbons, Heidi Gordon, 
Nicole Harper, MaryKate Hines, Liz Hurley, Maggie Hynes, 
Laura Kardok, Bridget Lawson, Jane Liffers, Shaelyn 
Longergan, Katy Mahar, Emily Mandigo, Haleigh Marti no 
Grace Moore, Clare Murphy, Siobhan Murphy, Julia 
Napolitano, Adrienne OLeary, Brianna Perfetuo, Emily 
Pickard, Tori Richardson, Ruth Westegard, Pearl Williams 

Girls' Basketball 

The girls' had a very 
successful season 
led by captains 
Taylor Aizenstadt 
and BB Murphy. 
The girls competed 
against many strong 
local teams in 
addition to those in 
the South Shore 
league. Although 
their season came 
to a devastating end 
in Carver, the 
majority of the team 
will be back for an 
even more 
successful season 
next year. 

Back Row: CoachMarani, Ally Debenidictis, Leah Kelly, Erin Vierra, 
Michelle Devilly, Kelly Mahoney, Brooke Alman, KC Lewis, Kathleen 
Doyle, Emily Davies. Front Row: Taylor Aizenstadt, Hilary Kitchen, Kara 
O'Connell, Kate McDonald, Darci Vierra, BB Murphy 

Boys' Basketball 

Sack Row: Daniel Regan, Brian Moore, Dominic Wooten, Adam Darnell, 
: orrest Detwiler, Nicholas Volpe. Front Row: David Regan, Michael 
-odigiani, Mason Hanson, Paul Bohan, Tom Dwyer, Mike Fiore. 

The team was led by 
senior captains Sean 
Lahiff, Adam Darnell, 
and Mike Lodigiani. 
They won a strong 
thirteen games, securing 
a slot in the playoffs as 
the number ten seed in 
the tournament. They 
had a very successful 
season, surprising 
everyone after losing so 
many seniors from last 
year. The young team 
shows even more 
promise with juniors 
Dom Wooten, Dan 
Regan and many 
talented under-classmen 
who profited from 
experience this year. 


The Norwell High School 
wrestling team had an 
outstanding season this 
year finishing with a record 
of 12-7. one of the best 
years the Clippers have 
ever had. This year 
brought many dramatic 
finishes and storyline wins. 
This year the Clippers 
came one win away from 
clinching their first South 
Shore League Title since 
1982. The Clippers, led by 
a strong group of seniors 
and juniors, had 8 place 
winners at this year's 
sectionals, and sent 4 
wrestlers to states. All in 
all, Norwell wrestlers have 
gained the respect in the 
South Shore league, and 
with a strong showing of 
underclassmen, hope to 
become one of the top 
contenders for the SSL 
title for years to come. 


[ M4 'tSM 


Back row from left: Coach Sullivan, Garrett Murphy, Evan Cannata, Tom 
Garvey, Ben Gordon, Andrew Maresse, Gregory Butler, Toby Adebanjo, Ian 
O'Shaugnessy, Mike Fanning, Jon Gacicia, Brad Cunio, Tyler Price, Ryan 
Taverna, Liam Dennigan, Luke Nigro, Coach Luccarelli. 
Front row from left: Chase Marr, Christian Mclnnis, Nick Lyle, Ned Butler, 
Jon O'Leary, James Waters, Rob Kourafas, Adrian Chavez 


Jack Row: Paige Richards, Sam Casey, Abby Smith, Kay la Chatfield 
second-fourth, last). Second Row: Madi Willis, Samantha Sprague, 
Hannah McKitrick, Shiandra Cardosa (first-third, last). Front Row: Julie 
Roberts, Sarah Harding, Casssandra Pacella, Alexandra Smith (first-fourth). 

Yet again, Norwell 
and Cohasset 
combined for 
another outstanding 
season. Coach Amy 
Maree helped guide 
the team to a 
decent 2-4 overall 
record. Captain 
Cassie Pacella 
helped vault their 
team into a 
successful season, 
as they surpassed 
many expectations. 
The future looks 
very promising for 
the team because of 
the number of 

Boys' Indoor 


The boy's indoor track 
team had a phenomenal 
season finishing 2-4 in 
the Atlantic Coast 
League. Senior Bryan 
Carton and juniors Cam 
MacDonald, Pat Collins 
and Chris Greene 
qualified for the MIAA 
Division IV state meet, 
with Greene advancing to 
the All-State Finals. The 
future of NHS boy's track 
looks bright so long as the 
team remains injury free. 

Back Row: AJ DeBenedictis, Matt Kwasnik, Jason Connolly, Evan 
Newby, Coach Lantier. Second Row: Chris Greene, Bryan Carton, 
Adam Donoghue,Tom Wilson, Jack Wilson. Front Row: Pat Collins, 
Cam MacDonald, Matt Macheras, Eric Scott. 




Indoor Track 

The girls' indoor track team 
had a phenomenal season 
finishing 2-4 in the Atlantic 
coast League. Led by 
captains Carley McManus 
and Nicole Weiler the team 
competed against teams 
such as Marshfield and 
Dennis- Yartmouth . 
Newcomers Alii Weiler and 
Shannon Ferguson held two 
of the fastest times in the 1 
mile and 1000m run. 
Having sent six girls to the 
Division IV state meet, the 
future looks bright for 
continued success next year. 

Back Row: Abigail Callahan, Catherine Stack, Rachael Wolfson, Ailish 
Dennigan, Talia McCauley, Liz Allen. Second Row: Ally Detwiler, Liz 
Driscoll, Nina Burns, Jaclyn McBain . Front Row: Meghan Carmondy, 
■^almer, Julianne Chessia, Alii Weiler. 

Ski Team 

The girls were led by 
senior captains Kara 
McGrath and Meg 
Matarazzo. They had a 
very successful season and 
will continue to do well 
with talented 
underclassmen. The boys 
team did extremely well 
also, greatly helped by star 
junior Chris McGrath. The 
boys team was led by 
junior captains Nicky 
Caira, Chris McGrath, and 
Chris Geany. The boys 
show great promise 
through some skilled 
underclassmen for the 
upcoming seasons. Both 
teams won the League title 
and many shiers qualified 
for the State 

Championships this year. 

In no particular order: Coach Grant, Coach Schlager, Michaela Bucca, Brittany 
Cannon, Caitlin Collins, Cory Conley, Haley Demarco, Tessa Demarco, Katie Dempsey, 
Emily Flynn, Alyssa Gunville, Becca Hathaway, Meg Matarazzo, Kara McGrath, Drew 
Morrison, Michaela Nichols, Natalie Parys, Kelsey Rossini, Chappie Scheller, Justine 
Sullivan, Katie Walsh, James Arnold, Nick Caira, Matt Cibotti, Owen Cox, Harry Detwiler, 
Shane Donlan, Chris Geany, Mike Logue, Chris McGrath, Kevin Quinn, Dodger Scheller, 
Tom Smith, Viktor Stanley, Curtis Webb, Frank White. 


In no particular order: Coach Casagrande, Coach Whelon, Coach Murphy, Coach Paine, Josh 
Adams, James McAteer, Mike Driscoll, Tony Ferzoco, Mike Verrochi, Pat Johnson, Josh Himberg, 
Garret Duffy, Christos Koutrobis, Rob Bigger, Mark Marinelli, Jake Campell, Robbie Hynes, Alex 
Clement, James Vafiades, Drew Fitzmaurice, Jeremy Buckley, Brendan Byrnes, Clay Ferguson, 
John Finnigan, Pat Hatheway, Ryan Browne, Joe Caroll, and Blair McGreenery. 

The Norwell 2Hockey 
team had the most 
successful season in 
recent history. After 
finishing as the South 
Shore League 
Champions, the team 
went on to play Scituate 
in the South Sectional 
Finals, beating the local 
rival in the last few 
minutes of the game. 
This year the Norwell 
fans showed their spirit 
for the Hockey Team by 
tossing a frozen octopus 
on the ice during several 
of the tournament 
games, although the 
team suffered a 
devastating loss to 
Shawsheen HS, the 
future looks bright for 
the 2009-2010 season. 

Spring Sports 

Boys' Lacrosse 

The 2008 NHS 
Boy's Lacrosse 
Team was led by 
captains Cody 
Cavicchi, Nick 
Scott, Kevin 
Helm, and Dan 
Clune. The team 
started the season 
with high hopes 
of one of the 
most successful 
season in recent 
history, but faced 
some challenging 
competitors late 
in the season. 
Overall, it was a 
good year. 

Back Row: Coach Flannagan, Ryan Tierney, Paul Donovan, Michael 
Fanning, Brian Moore, Jeremy Buckley, Will Delorey, Matt Dromeshauser, 
Tom Dwyer, Brad Prouty, John Flaherty. Front Row: Cam Evans, Dan 
Clune, Nick Scott, Kevin Helm, Tony Ferzoco, Colin O'Shaunessey, Jon 
O'Leary, Chris Allen. 

Girls' Lacrosse 

Back Row: Kellie Duffy, KC Lewis, Kara McGrath, 
Justine Sullivan, Jen Cronin, Aly Price, Olivia Huie. 
Middle Row: Kara O'Connell, Laura Ferzoco, Molly 
Cox, Lexi DeMarco, Krista Prouty, Katherine Bailey, 
Marie Keohane, Kylie Smith, Jill Cammett. Front Row: 
Katie McDonald, Cory Conley, Molly Lodigiani, Rose 
O'Connell, Sally Hardy. 

The Norwell Girls Lacrosse 
Team had a standout season in 
2008. After losing 7 seniors in 
2007, the team gained 10 
underclassmen. The Clippers 
ended the regular season 12-8, 
winning the South Shore 
League. In the first round of the 
tournament, the Clippers beat 
Hingham by 1 goal. Moving 
forward, they beat Medway and 
Mansfield by a considerable 
amount. In the South Sectional 
Finals, the Girls beat long time 
rival Duxbury by 8 goals and 
headed to the State 
Championship, held at Babson 
College. Unfortunately, the 
Clippers lost to the Winchester 
Sachems, 9 to 8 in a heart- 
breaker. Nevertheless, the 2008 
Norwell Girls Lacrosse Team 
had a memorable season. 

Boys' Tennis 

Led by senior captains 
Rob Ankner and Geoff 
Pisarkiewicz. the Boy's 
Varsity Tennis Team went 
undefeated in the South 
Shore League, winning the 
league title for the 15th 
consecutive year. After 
finishing the regular 
season with an overall 
record of 15-1. the boys 
made it to the South 
Sectional semi-finals where 
they lost 3-2 to the #1 
seed Cape Cod Academy 
in a very close battle. All 
seven of the team's starters 
were named South Shore 
League All-stars. 

Front Row: Tim Dalfero, Mike Logue, Coach Swartz, Robbie 
Hynes, Clay Ferguson, Keegan Allahyrian, Nick Daley, Colin 
Gunning, Andrew Lunn. Front Row: Tim Healy, Matt Breen, 
John Anderson, Geoff Pisarkiewicz, Robby Ankner, Matt 
Gunville, Jared Wright, James Vafiades. 

Girls' Tennis 

Back Row: Catherine Erickson, Emily Davies, Katherine 
Kelley, Ashley Hanlon, Aliza Ritsko, Susan Bitetti, Coach 
Field. Second Row: Shannon Mahoney, Meghan Logue, 
Claire Preble, Katie Malloy, Natalie Parys, Hilary Wiggins. 
Front Row: Aisling Williams, Kaitlyn Petit, Sarah Dargon, 
Alyssa Gunville. 

The Girls Varsity 
Tennis Team was 
led by senior 
captains Susan 
Bitetti, and 
Katherine Kelley. 
The Girls had a 
successful season 
and finished the 
year 12-6 record 
overall and 8-2 in 
the South Shore 
League good for 
2nd place. The 
team lost in the first 
round of the 
tournament falling 
to Dedham. South 
Shore League All- 
Stars included 
Susan Bitetti, 
Katherine Kelley, 
Meghan Logue, and 
Aliza Ritsko. 

\ " 1 f 


The 2008 Norwell 
Clippers finished with 
a 12-10 record. 
Season highlights 
were winning the 
Weymouth Invitational 
Tournament in April, 
and winning a State 
Tournament game at 
Seekonk in June. The 
Clippers were led by 
captains Cory 
Himberg and Patrick 
Laffin. The 2009 
squad will be led by 
Dom Palmariello, 
Mike Lodigiani, and 
Mike Verrochi. 

Back Row: Mike Kelly, Brendan Kennedy, Cam MacDonald, Mike 
Lodigiani, Mike Verrochi, Dom Palmariello, A J DeBenedictis, Josh 
Himberg, Coach Jacobs. Front Row: Bill McCarthy, Cam Evans, Dan 
Dempsey, Michael White, Cory Himberg, Mark Marinelli. 


Front Row: Coach Browne, Laura Powers, Emily Mandigo, 
Sam Casey, Niki Lamparelli, Amanda Mendonca, Brittany 
Bergquist, Alex Saunders. Front Row: Tori Mansfield, Meg 
Matarazzo, Kelli Thurston, Amanda Marchetti, Hillary 

The girls' 
Softball team 
was led by 
senior pitcher 
and captain 
Laura Powers. 
Coach Browne 
is looking 
forward to a 
bright future 
with some 
freshmen and 

Boys' Track and Field 

The 2008 Boy's Track 
and Field Team had a 
very strong season 
excelling in events across 
the board. Leading the 
throwers were seniors 
Jimmy Dow and Sean 
Good while the jumpers 
were led by Brandon 
Wooten and Jason 
Connolly in the high 
jump. Both Brian 
Thompson and Bryan 
Carton excelled as mid- 
distance runners and were 
recognized as south Shore 
League all-stars before 
proceeding to the Division 
IV State Meet in May. 
The track teams large 
numbers will prove to be 
a critical part of another 
successful season next 

: : : 11 . £ 

Back Row: Colin Gunning, Curtis Webb, Chris Geany, Brandon Wooten, Zach Zanengo, 
Adam Donague, Nick Caira, Parker Merritt, Jack Wilson, Kevin Caldwell, Colin MacGillvary, 
Wilton Childs, Mark French, Brian Thompson, Doug Kauff, Paul Bohan. Second Row: sean 
Good, Matt Smith, Dan Burke, Pete Bailey, Jim Stack, Pat Kelly, Peter Prange, Evan Barger, 
Charlie Raymond, Chase Marr, Christian Mclnnis, Jason Connolly, Connell Ainslie, Nathaniel 
Bates, Nick Carton, Bryan Carton, Chris Greene, Ted Greene, Frank Cannone, Forrest 
Detwiler. Front Row: Andrew MacDonald, Andrew Lawson, Mike McCarthy, Jimmy Dow, 
Matt Macheras, Nick Lyle, Lucas Nigro, Chris Geany, Ty Sheedy. 

Girls' Track and Field 

Back Row: Taylor Aizenstadt, Liz Guerra, Katie Dempsey, Morgan 
Gallagher, Grace Moore, Olivia Bourque, Rachael Wolfson, Coach Arnold. 
Second Row: Carley McManus, Nina H'rbenko, Gwynne Gallagher, Heather 
Conway, Rachael Hayes, Haley Demarco, Ashley Donlan, Maeve Shea, Julia 
Napolitano. Front Row: BB Murphy, Carrie Reed, Emily Palmer, Nicole 
Weiler, Rebecca Hatheway, Katelyn Thompson, Emily Flynn, Sarah Palmer, 
Liz Driscoll, Cara Capaldo. 

The 2008 Girl's Track 
Season was one of the 
most successful in recent 
history. Lead by senior 
Gwynne Gallagher and 
Taylor Aizenstadt the girls 
competed against teams 
such as East Bridgewater, 
Hanover, and Brockton. 
Taylor Aizenstadt and 
Morgan Gallagher both 
qualified to compete in 
the Division IV State 
Meet with Aizenstadt 
advancing all the way to 
the New England 
Championship. The 
future looks promising for 
a great 2009 season. 

40 OS 

Sean Marchand, Ryan Mullen, Nick Titlebaum, Chris Cubellis, Caroline Spillane, Rachel Stanton, Nina 
Hrebenko, Emma Ray, Chandler Anthony, Lee Benzaquin, Todd Selby, Monica Hanley, Stephanie Sousa. 

Julianne Chessia 

Art Club 

Back: Amanda Deveney, Chappie Scheller, Julia Driscoll.Ailish Dennigan, Nina Hrebenko. Third: Tracy Hill, Katie Sheehan, 
Julia DiMartinis, Sam Sprague, Lee Benzaquin. Second: Chloe Davies, Olivia Koon, Jenny O'Brien, Caroline Spillane, Elise 
Pelletier. Annie Bossa. Front: Tyler Tamburo, Rachel Stanton, Nick Caira, Todd Selby. Not Pictured: Nicole Spratt, Jill Skinnei 

Marina Cubellis 



Back Row: Andrew Thompson, Richie Smith, Zach Cadman, Peter Graney, Patrick Birmingham, Connor MacDonald, Shane 
Hager, Tim Dalferro, Chris Geany, Nick Caira, Jason Conolly, James Solari, David Afienko, Jen Brunjes. Second Row: Kelsey 
Wheeler, Lauren Canaughton, Liz Allen, Doug Kauff, Myles Blakeslee, Ben Gordon, Shane Carey. Front Row: Emma Ray, 
Diana Chen, Maddie Willis, Chris Cubellis, Alexa Kourafis, Dan Allen, Ed Riccio, 
Monica Hanley, Briget Lawson, and Hope Goslin. 

Back Row: Patrick Birmingham, Maggie Hynes, James Stack, Sheamus O'Sullivan, 
Alex Smith, Adam Donoghue. Front Row: Grace O'Hara, Rebecca Hathaway, Bridgette Lawson, Justine 

Sullivan, Caroline Cronin, Sam Sprague. 


&o<± Club 

Back: Mr. Schelvan, Katelyn Sheehant, Marina Cubellis. Front: Tracy Hill, Olivia Koon, 

Chloe Davies. Not Pictured: Nicole Spratt 

Back: Michelene Hearn, Erin Foley, Chappie Scheller, Leigh Cappello, Liz Clapp, Pat Johnston. Fourth: Jayme Yen, Rachel 
Anderson, Erin Laffin, Andrew Umbrianna, Racheal Patrolia, Ashely Lameroux. Third: Paige Richards, Katie Sheehan, Tracy 
Hill. Jenny O'Brien, Shiandra Cardosa, Erica Knudsen, Alex Saunders. Second: Lucy Gogarty, Kayla Toomey, VyVy Larson, 
Jackie Perron, Chandler Anthony, Amanda Mendonca. Front: Larry Sheirdan, Maggie Hynes, Caroline Cronin 


Dance Team 

Back: Sarah Eaves, Hannah Hyaes, Julia Napolitano, Ashley Donlan, Maeve Shea, Hayley DeMarco, 
"ory Conley, Jess McCarron, Brianna Luciw, Ms. Criss Front: Kristina Gilberti, Jill Sheeran, Victoria 
D agnini, Alex Saunders, Brittany Cannon, Devin Lotterhand 

Environment Club 

€k: Alex Ray, Matt Macheras, Michaela Bucca, Marina Cubellis, Chloe Davies. Third: Katelyn Thompson, Rebecca 
tthaway, Meg Matarazzo, Alyssa Gunville, Nick Caira, Adam Donoghue, Avery Cox, Maeve Shea. Second: Drew Morrison, 
Drgan Gallagher, Alish Dennigan, Julia DiMartinis, Julia Driscoll, Kellie Duffy, First: Liz Dwyer, Stephen Herling, Katie 
:mpsey, Erin Callahan, Julia Napolitano, Catherine Erickson, Kelly Kramer 


Fourth Wall ?\a\jeve 

Andrew Devine, Elise Pelliter, Jennifer Brunjes, Rachel Stanton, Patrick Kelly, Molly 
Broderick, Brendan McGreenery, Molly McDevitt, Ann Marie Bossa, Caroline Cronin, 
Connor Kane, Nicholas Titelbaum, Leandro Benzaquin, Mr. Lacy 

<3SA/ Piv 'ereity 

Back: Aria Benzaquin, Emma Ray, Chandler Anthony. Front: Sarah Kulik, Andrew Umbrianna, Christina 
Cavanaro, Emily Flynn, Lizzie Bellavia. Not Pictured: Nicole Spratt 



Abby Flynn, Chloe Davies, Olivia Koon, Nicholas Titelbaum, 
Nicole Spratt. Not Pictured: Adrian Chavez 

Invtebla Children 

i no particular order: Connell Ainsle, Taylor Aizenstadt. Brooke Alman, Caroline Barry, Lizzie Bellvia. Martha Bogaty, Olivia Borque. Lauren Burke. Brittany Cannon. Nick Carton, 
•iz Cipriano. Paxton Colby, Molly Cox, Averie Cox, Nick Cunio, Lily Cyr, Emily Davies, Haley Demarco. Lexi DeMarco. Tessa DeMarco. Niki Dempsey, Liam Dennigan. Ailish 
tennigan. Michelle Devilly, Allie Delwiler. Julia DeMartinis, Julia Driscoll. Kellie Duffy. Liz Dwyer, Meaghan Dwyer, Emma Erickson, Catherine Erickson. Abby Flynn, Emily Flynn. 
eah Flynne. Alyssa Gunville. Chloe Hager, Nicole Harper. Kelly Kramer. Sarah Kulik, VyVy Larason. Bridget Lawson, KC Lewis. Molly Lodigiani. Meg Lynch. Kate Macdonald, 
hannonn Mahoney, Meg Matarazzo, James McAteer, Grace Moore. BB Murphy, Michaela Nichols, Nick Russo. Leah Smith. Jon O'Leary, Aly Price, Krista Prouty. Emma Ray, Dennis 
eilly, Marissa Schlueter, Mauve Shea, Tom Smith, Sam Sprague, Justine Sullivan, Katie Tavares, Mikey Verrochi. Curtis Webb, Aisling Williams. Madison Willis. Rachel Wolfson 


Ji 3. A. 

Nick Carton, Mr. Goniatis, Jason Connolly, Nick Russo, Frank Cannone, Jon Gacia, Aly Price, Owen Cox, 
Alex Ray, Christian Mclnnis, Alexi Martel, Ahmed Ziad, Katie Tavares, Emily Flynn, Mikayla Luciw, 
Kelly Fleming, Rachel Hayes, Lizzie Bellavia, Kaela Mahoney, Michelene Hearn, Liz Clapp, Matt 

Kwasnik. Not pictured: Jim Stack 

brtin flub 

Back: Ryan Mullen, Trent Taylor, Nick Caira, Mike Steele, Charlie McKitrick, Nick Titlebaum, Connor 
Kane. Front: Annie Bossa, Rachel Stanton, Nina Hrebenko, Kara O'Connell, Maeve Shea, 


Math Team 

Todd Selby, Nathan Kingston, Corbin Foucart, Peter McDonald, Patrick Barrett, Conor 
Kane, Nick Titelbaum, Marshall Haskins, Matt Macheras, Marissa Schlueter, Brenda 

Halloran, Nick Caira 

Mock Trial 

Patrick Hill, Alexi Martel, Corbin Fourcart, Nathan Kingston, Steven McClelland, Siobhan Murphy, Dillion Filtzgerlad, Mr. 
Goniatis, Jonathan Gacicia, Jason Connolly, Stephen Dickey, Mr. Thomas, Hannah Sparks, Kelly Fleming, Erin Foley, Mikayla 
Luciw, Julianne Holland, Chandler Anthony, Catherine Stack, Jillian Skinner, Kristina Giliberti, Racheal Patrolia 


National Honor Society 

Back: Evan Newby, Marissa Schlueter, Ryan Byrnes, Alex Hebert. 4th row: Kelsey Arnold, Maggie Hynes, Katie Tavares, Lizzie Bellavia, 1 
Emily Flynn, Molly McDevitt, Annie Bossa, Nina Hbrenko, Todd Selby. 3rd row: Matt Macheras, Nicole Weiler, Christina Cavanaro, 
Michelene Hearn, Liz Clapp, Elise Pelletier, Kara McGrath, Tracy Hill, Jenny O'Brien. 2nd row: Mike Kelly, Erin Vierra, Clare Murphy, 
Adrienne O'Leary. Jason Connolly, Frank Cannone, Mason Hanson, Tim Dalferro, Olivia Koon. Front: Stephanie Sousa, BB Murphy, Brittany 
Bergquist, Connell Ainslie, Leah Flynne, Taylor Aizenstadt, Mike Lodigiani, Alex Ray 


Back: Tristan Elliot. Second: Nick Russo, Nick Titelbaum, Connor MacDonald, Jim Stack. Front: Rachel 

Hayes, Lee Benzaquin, Jen Brunjes, Caroline Cronin, Hannah Sparks, Connor Kane 


Peter Leavitt, John Saunders, Jonathan Shontz, Kevin Cyr, Boyce Leavitt, Ms. Noiseux 

Veer Education 

Back: Maggie Hynes, Molly McDevitt, Clare Murphy, Kara McGrath, Elise Pelletier, Brianna Geary, Nicole Weiler, Kelsey Rossini, Molly 
3roderick. Fourth: Mikayla Luciw, Julia Napolitano, Michelene Hearn, Christina Cavanaro, Justine Sullivan, Aly Price, Katie Tavares, Adrienne 
I O'Leary, Lizzie Bellavia. Third: Lee Benzaquin, Frank Cannone, Tim Dalfero, Mike Kelly, Owen Cox, Nick Carton, Ahmed Ziad, Kevin Cyr. 

Front: Anthony DeBenedictis, Pat Collins, Liz Dwyer, Kathleen Doyle, Haley DeMarco, Ashley Donlan, Hope Goslin 


Back: Peter Graney, Connor MacDonald, Shane Hager, Tim Dalferro, Chris Geany, Jason Connolly, David Afienko 
Jen Brunjes. Middle: Richie Smith, Zach Cadman, Alex Ray, Doug Kauff, Shane Carey. Front: Bridget Lawson, 
Emma Ray, Kelsey Wheeler, Lauren Connaughton, Alex Ray, Chris Cubellis, Edwin Riccio, Ben Gordon, Monica 

Hanley, Hope Goslin. 

Alex Henning, Jon Shontz, Kathryn Duggan, Corey Conley, David Afienko, John Ward, Justin Weintraut 
Frank White, Chadwick Whitcher, Chirs DeLugan, Chris Hines, Sean Murphy, Jackie Perron, Georgi 
204 Hegner, Ryan Mullan Alex Ouellet, Luke Nigro, Patrick Byrnes, Ryan Byrnes, Zach Hege 

Student Government 

Back: Kelly Harrington, Emily Piccard, Leah Smith, Colleen Fitzgibbons, Lauren Burke, Ashley Lamoreaux, Alexi Martel, 
Stephen Herling, Nick Carton, Andrew Devine, Tom Koch, Kitt Miller, Alex Nigro, Matt Kelley, Liam Dennigan. Second: 
Emily Flynn, Ned Butler, Justin Weintraub, Rebecca Hatheway, Ashley Donlan, Julia DiMartinis, MaryKate Hines, Alii Weiler. 
Front: Nick Daley, Kara O'Connell, Greg Butler, Liz Dwyer, Lizzie Bellavia, Tim Dalferro, Nicole Weiler, Kelsey Rossini, 
Kelly Hudgins, Nicole Harper, Chappie Scheller. * Stephen Dickey, Adrienne OLeary. 

Freehman Qaee Officere 

Back: Leah Smith, Lauren Burke, Allison Weiler. 
Front: Greg Butler, Patrick Birmingham 


Liam Dennigan, Nick Daley, Matt Kelley, Marykate Hines 

Junior C\aee Officere 


Ashley Donlan, Rebecca Hathaway, Stephen Herling, Kara O'Connell 


Senior C\aee Officere 

Kelsey Rossini, Ned Butler, Nick Carton, Andrew Devine 
Not Pictured: Brenda Halloran 


Back: Mr. Schelvan, Michaela Bucca, Tracy Hill, Olivia Koon, Front: Mikayla 
Luciw, Nicole Weiler, Jennifer Brunjes, Elizabeth Guerra. 
Not pictured: Kelsey Arnold 

Managing Editore 


-Uappy R.d:insm<sn"t and &esi o\ Luck io 

Thank Y^u and B><sst <?f Luck at J-luLL, M r P^Vine 

■(33 - 'c4 oa - '09 



Congratulations, Elise! 

Best Wishes to the 
Class of 2009 

.Marina Bay 
508 Victory Road 

N. Q«m Cy , MA 02171 


Specializing in Plaintiff's Personal Injury Litigation 

"Be an opener of doors for 
such as come after thee." 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Good Luck Mason and the Class of 2009 

The Hanson Family 


You 've [earned well how to find and open that 
other door when the one in front of you closes. 
'We hope you wiCCstay as courageous, fyndand 
true as you are today and that happiness wiCC 
follow you always. 



"When you get the choice 
to sit it out or dance, 
I hope you dance " 

— Lee Jinn 'Womack^ 

Uc The reasonable man adapts himself 
to the world; the unreasonable one 
persists to adapt the world to 
himself. Therefore, all progress 
depends on the unreasonable man. " 
- Qeorge (Bernard Shaw 

Jlnd when you finally fly away, 
I'd be hoping that I served you well. . 
(But whatever road you choose, 
I'm right behind you, win or lose. . . " 
- Kpd Stewart 

(Best "Wishes to %$tie, her friends, teammates, and classmates, 

^he Tavares TamiCy 

Good Luck 
Mike Verrochi and Friends! 

Congratulations Peter and the Class of '09 
You have always made us laugh! We are so proud of you. 
Love Mom, Kayla, Jordan, Grammy, Grandpy and Aunt Sue 

223 Main St. - Route 123 781-659-2502 

Best of Luck of 2009! 



Food Shops* 

Congratulations Kristian, Pierson and 
the Class of 2009. 

Congratulations Jon and Class of 2009! 
You have come a long way and the future looks bright ahead! 
Love. Dad, Mom, Patrick and Kellie 

Chessia Consulting Services LLC 

781-659-2225 tel 
781-659-2265 fax 
781-424-9407 cell 

(781) 878-6600 
FAX (781 ) 871-8786 



P.O. BOX 3 1 3 

Class of 2009 
Best of Luck! 

Congratulations and 
Good Luck Class of 

Donald P Bennett 

Vice President 

a£ Citizens Bank 

36 Washington st MA-633 
Norwell, Ma 02061 
781 878.5862 tel 
781 871.8878 fax 

Complete Automotive Maintenance 

785 Washington Street 
Hanover, MA 02339 

Phone 781 826-0081 
Fax 781 826-0214 

Congratulations Class of 

Congratulations Class of 
-Scott Almeida 

The Norwell Women 's Club 

www.norwellwomensclub. org 

Congratulations to the Class of 2009 

May your spirit ofvoCunteerism continue to guide you. 
"(Be the change you wish to see in the worCd" 

-MaHatma Qandhi 

NHS Invisible Children Club, "Day without Desks" - Raising Awareness and 
Funds for the Children of Northern Uganda 

Class of 2001! 



ks you gallop off to college, 

keep a firm hand on the reins. 


Nana & Papa 


The Jacob-Hatch Building 
10 Now Driftway, Sutto 201 
Scttuato, MA 02066.4530 
(781) 545-9225 


David P. Morin, M O ♦ Donna A. Zambuto, M D 
Jufian C. Huang. M.D. ♦ Jaanette S. Pams, M.D 

Alexander Marcus, M.D 
Lisa B. Fiascctut, P.N.P - Karm L Cunnie. F.N.P. 

• Karen P. McKay. PA. 

Vuic our website ar. www.healnScare50irch com 

Jotfrew it- proud/tzy support future^ le&derywtifaVLbviey Youth Program^. 

Arizona Senator John McCain wins 
the Republican nomination for president 
and names Alaska Governor Sarah 
Palin as his running mate. Palin is the 
Republican Party's first female nominee 
for vice president. 



ryoli ticsli wjpjop ; 

Democratic Senator Joe Biden of 
Delaware becomes the 47th vice 
president of the United States. 
A member of the Senate since 1 973, 
Biden brings long-time Washington 
experience to the Obama administration. 

Obama's grassroots organization 
and innovative Web campaign is " 
credited with inspiring young and 
first-time voters to participate heavily 
in the election. 

The values, fashion and 
personal vitality of the Obama 
family resonate with Americans. 
Public interest in the first family 
rivals that of the interest in the 
Kennedy family in the 1960s. 

In January 2009. president-elect Obama 
attends the ultimate power lunch in the White 
House, meeting and getting advice from 
President Bush as well as former Presidents 
George H. W. Bush. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter 






■ ' 1 'iTm'jiiI'vI*' 

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Mcnsivais 

cn'oseninope ] 

Stocks plummet as years 
of excess in the U.S. housing 
market and lax supervision of 
financial institutions contribute 
to the greatest economic crisis 
since the Great Depression. 

H£ (oe/K 
Unemployment rate I 


(J) Detroit's struggling "Big Three" automakers. 
General Motors. Ford and Chrysler, request 
and are eventually offered a bailout package 
of just over S1 7 billion in December. 


Many retailers are forced lo file for 
bankruptcy or go out of business after 
being unable to rebound from the harsh 
economy and a very disappointing fourth 
quarter of 2008. 

; bicycle sharing systems, already popular in Europe, roll into 
erican cities like Washington, D.C., to help fight traffic congestion 
and reduce pollution 

In September, Google and General Electric 
partner to develop clean technologies. 
Modernizing the national electric grid to 
enable wider deployment of wind, solar and 
geothermal energy will be an early priority. 

Brad Pitt launches the 
"Make It Right" project to 
build 150 green-sensitive 
new homes in the New 
Orleans Lower 9th Ward, 
which was destroyed by 
Hurricane Katrina. Pitt 
contributes $5 million to 
the project. 

President-elect Obama asks all Americans 
to volunteer their time on the 2009 Martin 
Luther King Jr. Day of Service, January 19, 
and to continue throughout the year. More 
than 12,000 service projects take place 
across the country. 

• .(▼) 

■ , m k r I Tf in his five individual wins. 

! • • .. A ; „ » 

American swimmer Michael Phelps 
makes Olympic history with eight gold 
medals. Phelps sets three world records 



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